Looking For Possessor Ghost Playbook

Hi! I am about to start my first campaign and have immediately thrown myself into the deep end by wanting to play a possessor ghost.

I want to play as a ghost who is possessing a human (or i guess a hollow now), the hull and vampire playbooks don’t seem to fit.

More info: the idea is that i am the ghost of the dead wife of a leech, and the leech tried to do some arcane ritual to get me to possess a hull or reanimate me or something. Something went wrong and now im possessing him. I have all his leech stuff but don’t know how to use it (ie a canonical reason for me to have leech shit but not know how to use it because im a first time player haha)

Should I have two character sheets, one for the leech and one for the ghost if i leave the leech body? How would you go about this? There doesn’t seem to be a playbook for a ghost possessing a hollow that isn’t a vampire.

Or do I need to take another look at the vampire playbook?

Thank you for your help!

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Is your GM fine with you being a ghost?

Do you mean by “Leech’s things” the Leech’s special items? If you mean that, you can just play the Ghost Playbook and take the Possession ability, ask your GM if you can stay in the body without the host resisting it (if it isn’t a hollow) and use flashbackes to say you have loaded the host with Leech’s items (if your scoundrel has access to them, your GM may say the flashback is reasonable enough to be free).

Furthermore, ghosts in Blades in the Dark are mentally unstable and frequently insane beings who crave vengence and life-energy. Maybe you should search a Reconciled Playbook. Hollows are humans without a spirit, so unless the scoundrel’s husband was somehow hollowed in the ritual, his body is a vessel to two spirits - yours and his.


Do you want to play as a Leech or as a Ghost? If you’re really keen to play as a Leech so you have all his things (items/abilities etc) why not just make the fact that he is possessed part of his backstory and role play as both characters?

I’ve already talked to my GM about being a ghost. They are pretty flexible with how I want to solve for this problem and what playbook I want to play with. The Hull and Vampire playbooks didn’t seem to fit what I was looking for.

That is true that I could simply use a modified ghost playbook. Thanks

Two playbooks seems daunting but maybe that is the easiest solution! Thank you

Hope it works out! The backstory you mentioned certainly has some intriguing story possibilities - presumably sharing a body is only a temporary solution for this couple!