Looking for some previously available hacks

(Simon Hibbs) #1

The BitD site has google+ links to some hacks id love to have, but of course now G+ is dead. Does anyone know where I might find up to date versions of:

World of Blades
Blades Against Darkness

Any help appreciated,


(Oliver) #2

You can still search a copy of the G+ forum on https://bitd.gplusarchive.online/

World of Blades: https://bitd.gplusarchive.online/2017/06/05/i-did-a-thing/

Blades Against Darkness: https://bitd.gplusarchive.online/2018/09/25/bladesagainstdarkness-turbo-is-coming/

(Stefan Struck) #3

whatever @watergoesred said plus https://bladesinthedark.com/fan-creations may be helpful for future searches. Sometimes the info there is a bit stale but may helpful nevertheless.