Lovecraftian vibes

My group wants to pursue weird/arcane scores. I really like that, because I am a big fan of Lovecraftian themes and would like to introduce it into the game. I don’t want to have Call of Cthulhu investigations, but instead introduce entities from Mythos as demons or faction leaders.

I wonder if someone tried something similar and would like to share their experiences.

I can’t remember what the roll was for, but our Slide picked some outer god as a contact and got a 4/5 on a desperate roll and became plagued by said contact for the rest of the campaign.

Groovy scene with anthropomorphic slime, black as the void dripping down the wall of a tavern bathroom, but I digress…

After that it was easy to weave the unnamable horrors into the plot and inevitably get the player’s cooperation in manifesting it into our reality for the climax.

Also as an addition: I saw Kenneth Hite speak about horror roleplaying, and his emphasis was on player buy-in. You can’t sneak that stuff into any old campaign and expect your players to help with that vibe you’re hoping for. It’s a great topic for your session zero / crew generation / group template (shoutout to my fellow ‘booters out there), but also, if your player jumps into the Whisper playbook or picks some forbidden great old one as a contact, well,… they did it to themselves. :smiling_imp: :octopus:

Great topic. Looking forward to hearing Others’ opinions. :wink:

Forgotten gods can be a great in-road for this stuff. A group I gm for opted for a complicated relationship with a cult of a god called the Maw of the Void (from the random name list). I decided this was an “elder god” type - a body-less terror from beyond the ghost field whose sole intent is devouring life energy, or perhaps the world itself. Its fanatical followers were convinced that in its ultimate act of destruction it would spare them and grant them power and dominion over what remained of the world.
The crew ran into their attempts to summon the Maw’s massively tentacular avatar twice, leading to some pretty terrifying, slithery moments. Ultimately the crew’s mad whisper wrested control of the second summoning rite and directed the avatar to settle upon the old mansion where the cult met and lived, ending the threat (for now…). They escaped as the spirit wardens were converging upon that building, a vortex appeared in the clouds overhead, and giant tentacles reached down from on high to devour the screaming cultists. A fate worse than death was narrowly avoided. Desperate rolls, traumas, harm, heat, and lots of xp were enjoyed by all.