Making a FITD project? Consider joining the FITD Hack Club

Making RPGs is very hard.

If you’re working on a hack using the FITD engine and would like a community of other designers to provide feedback and motivation, I made this community!

If you’re interested in joining please DM me your email and I can add you.

This tool is called basecamp. It lets you make and assign tasks, create deadlines and schedules, IM chat, post files, and it will automatically check up on everyone who’s joined to see if they need help! We can comment on each other’s posts, tasks, or anything really.


My intent isn’t to distract from this awesome forum. It is really for anyone that just wants a community of designers with a focus on getting games made, playtested, and published (in a book, a pdf, etc.)

Nice initiative (I am not a FitD hacker… yet). Did you know however that there is a VERY active hacker channel on the Blades in the Dark Discord ?

Yes I did! I am a member and I post there often. I also posted the as a link there. I personally find discord itself to be a bit too unfocused (given the constant stream of stuff), so I made this!

Basecamp has persistent posts, task managment, etc. I’m hoping it helps some of us hackers stop dragging our feet so much!

I’m in the Discord channel as well, but this seems like a good compliment for it. I’ll DM you. :slight_smile: