Making Headquarters More Significant

I’m currently working on crew designs for my Soulbank hack (derived from Hello, World with the @umbralAeronaut 's blessing) which takes place in a virtual simulation, and one thought I’m entertaining is making your choice of headquarters play a part in how your crew operates. I mentioned the idea on the Discord server and it was suggested such a change implies more game time spent in headquarters, so I’m exploring options like reworking downtime or making options for “home scores” that involve using the headquarters for a profitable venture.

Crew Types: Enterprise, Faith, Moderators (police/security), Revisionists (rebels with forbidden code that manipulates the system clock and save states), Sovereignty (Political group seeking independence), and Syndicate.
The HQ types I have in mind are: Airship, Boat, Caravan, Civilian Building, Hideout, and Fortress.

Mobile HQs will probably provide options for taking them along the score, but at the cost of being vulnerable and having less space to work with during downtime. Buildings will give you stronger ties to your location and more options for upgrades.

Home scores might include an Enterprise running their business out of a civilian building, hideouts might have scenes of interrogating captives or negotiating with other clandestine organizations, and Fortresses could draw the attention of more martially aligned factions, leading to defensive scores. Mobile bases would probably be involved in transport, trade, and discovery.

Part of my brain is attracted to crunchy complexity, but I’m trying to resist that and find a balance, probably dividing existing Claim and Upgrade perks and distributing them among Crew Type and HQ. I’m going to be looking over existing Claims and Upgrades in Blades and Hello, World, but I thought I’d pick the community’s brains for ideas.