Making PC hard to kill

We start our campaign on Friday and one of my players made her specialists really hard to kill. I don’t think I will be able to deliver a final blow, now that she presented me with this:

So pumped for this campaign!!!


Who’s the artist? (your friend or someone that has a twitter … or your friend who has a … you know what I’m asking how do I follow them >_<) because that pic is AMAZING.

I’m afraid not - she does it as a hobby for our sessions’ Actual Plays. Something like here (BitD campaign):ęgi-klucz (it’s in polish, so just scroll down for pictures)

I hope she will create more for Band of Blades as well :slight_smile: Especially that she’ll be the Marshall, so keeping a record of troops is kinda her thing :slight_smile:


Kill them early so you can remember them as they are now :skull:

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Thit IS perversely wise :japanese_ogre:
Especially that: more deaths => more recruitment => more new drawings => win!

You can kill them, but perhaps you can corrupt them? Then they will have to redraw them with extra eyes or whatever.


Or corrupt them first, so they won’t be so hard to kill.

They lived through the night! Maybe they are stressed out a bit, and scratched here & there, but all Specialists survived blowing up the Hozelbrucke bridge (can’t say the same about all the Rookies unfortunately) :slight_smile:

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The rest of our specialists lived long enough (2 missions already) to get their own portraits!
Left to right:

  1. Panyar Scout - Acrid Russet Thorn
  2. Orite Medic - Contessa Aurora Rodano
  3. Panyar Officer - “Hessa”
  4. Zemyati Heavy - Mikhail Ivanowicz


And just to finish up with he visualizations of our legion - two tricks that you might find useful.

  1. Character portraits - I make a portrait for each Legionnaire and then use them as a summary of mission - which specialists went on the mission, which squad, who died. Primary mission on to, secondary on the bottom:

To make the photos - players provide me with photo/drawing and I just use FotoSketcher to make it more ‘painting-like’ and then put it on old-paper texture.

  1. I’ve made some tokens from MDF circles to use during the game as visual reminders & tactical positioning if needed:

You can get the MDF circles in various sizes all over the net, same with paper circle cutters. Print scaled pictures on 300-350 paper, add some glue and voila!

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It’s been a while, our Legion progressed through Plainsworth, Sunstrider Camp and made it to Westlake, but finally the Legion’s portraitist is back on it. Here’s the crew from the last mission (left to right):

  1. Hessa - panyar officer
  2. Azur Dancing Fang - panyar rookie from Ghost Owls
  3. Pilgrim - dar scout
  4. Ruslana Semionova - zemyati rookie from Ghost Owls


I’m loving these so much >_<

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In Westlake, Legion has to escort a councilwoman’s daughter, Maria, to a Matthias&Gerholtz monastery to be anointed as a successor.

Left to right:

  1. Mikhail - zemyati heavy, son of the Quartermaster
  2. Maria
  3. Aurora - medic with an attitude
  4. Mahati - well educated rookie
  5. Russet Thorn - scout, well known by all the ladies


Thank you so much for continuing to post these. They bring me smiles on some rough days.


To the Skydagger Keep and beyond! :slight_smile:

Winter is approaching just as the Legion enters Fort Calisco. Hard pressed for supplies, the Owls are send to make a deal on black market:

  1. Sniper Caletti - carrying his “Elia killing” rifle
  2. Lifetime rookie Titus Fabio - carrying a “borrowed” pan
  3. Rookie Ruslana - charming, but sometimes overconfident about it
  4. Dar scout Pilgrim - gloom as the land that he was born in


These are incredible, Tarkis! Thanks so much for sharing your group’s creations! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Unfortunately we are almost at the end of Legion’s journey - today they will traverse the Maw, and it’s Skydagger Keep already!

And this will be the end for these brave soldiers from pictures above, unless @stras gives us a second campaign :wink:

Skydagger Keep almost at reach - just cross the Maw! Lorekeeper discovers a hint in the annals - somewhere in the deep caves an ancient Chosen lies buried. It comes to our brave squad to find it and recover any useful artifacts and knowledge:

  1. Aurora - blighted medic with ability to carve her own hexes
  2. Mahati Mahotra - bartan soldier, Legion’s lightkeeper and probable successor of Lorekeeper
  3. Malachite Mountain - known for her recklessness when interacting with ancient artifacts (nothing can go wrong, right?)
  4. Kirył - Zemyati heavy with a soft spot for Aurora (see tattoo)


Tell me more about these hexes! :slight_smile: