Making PC hard to kill

We start our campaign on Friday and one of my players made her specialists really hard to kill. I don’t think I will be able to deliver a final blow, now that she presented me with this:

So pumped for this campaign!!!


Who’s the artist? (your friend or someone that has a twitter … or your friend who has a … you know what I’m asking how do I follow them >_<) because that pic is AMAZING.

I’m afraid not - she does it as a hobby for our sessions’ Actual Plays. Something like here (BitD campaign):ęgi-klucz (it’s in polish, so just scroll down for pictures)

I hope she will create more for Band of Blades as well :slight_smile: Especially that she’ll be the Marshall, so keeping a record of troops is kinda her thing :slight_smile:

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Kill them early so you can remember them as they are now :skull:

Thit IS perversely wise :japanese_ogre:
Especially that: more deaths => more recruitment => more new drawings => win!

You can kill them, but perhaps you can corrupt them? Then they will have to redraw them with extra eyes or whatever.

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Or corrupt them first, so they won’t be so hard to kill.

They lived through the night! Maybe they are stressed out a bit, and scratched here & there, but all Specialists survived blowing up the Hozelbrucke bridge (can’t say the same about all the Rookies unfortunately) :slight_smile:

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The rest of our specialists lived long enough (2 missions already) to get their own portraits!
Left to right:

  1. Panyar Scout - Acrid Russet Thorn
  2. Orite Medic - Contessa Aurora Rodano
  3. Panyar Officer - “Hessa”
  4. Zemyati Heavy - Mikhail Ivanowicz


And just to finish up with he visualizations of our legion - two tricks that you might find useful.

  1. Character portraits - I make a portrait for each Legionnaire and then use them as a summary of mission - which specialists went on the mission, which squad, who died. Primary mission on to, secondary on the bottom:

To make the photos - players provide me with photo/drawing and I just use FotoSketcher to make it more ‘painting-like’ and then put it on old-paper texture.

  1. I’ve made some tokens from MDF circles to use during the game as visual reminders & tactical positioning if needed:

You can get the MDF circles in various sizes all over the net, same with paper circle cutters. Print scaled pictures on 300-350 paper, add some glue and voila!