Marshal roster sheet

Hey everyone. I think I finally got to understand BoB enough to run it.

My final question, and I have looked up forums, just can’t figure it out is around the roster that the Marshal is keeping.

I see the rookies / soldiers get: a first check box (for what?), name (ok), 3 wound boxes (why three?), and a stress number.

Is there an explanation somewhere?
Is it fair to say that these only get filled out for squad members that have been played by PCs? My understanding is that as NPC, they are either dead or alive, but don’t get their own harm or stress track.

Then on the right it becomes even more confusing for the specialists. On top of the above we now have a field for abilities and actions.

What are these? The number of each? As a way to keep track of how powerful each character is?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know of any detailed explanation, but there’s an example on page 127 that suggest one a way to fill out the Specialists-side of the sheet.

For tracking promotion. Mark the first checkbox if the squad member is a Soldier. Keep unmarked if they’re a rookie.

Page 127 suggests using a single slash (/) through a wound box to indicate a wound and two dashes (X) for a partly healed wound. The example given suggests marking a wound box for each wound.

But I find tracking their highest level of harm more important than counting the number of wounds. So I mark one wound box if the worst harm they suffer is first level, two if it’s second level harm, and all three boxes if it’s third level harm.

Yeah, you only track harm and stress for PCs. NPC squad members just die. While they’re already tracked on each PC sheet, it’s useful to have a collated list.

Page 127 suggests you write the total number of abilities and action dots each Specialist has. I’d say that’s a shorthand for tracking how many times they’ve advanced.