Mates Game One Offs

Doing several different Mate crew one offs in the next few weeks and thought I would post here with the results.

First one off is tomorrow morning and this is the first character being made…I think we are off to a great start! inwardly asking what monster I have created

Be prepared for many crazy synopses being posted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Synopsis of our session:
Crew is Bravos and has Door Kickers for an +1d to engagement and Rigging for 2 load of armor and weapons. Leader is F-ing Susie who is my Mate character and some of you know her shenanigans. Lair is a first class electric rail car partially buried in a cave-in the underground catacombs with each child mostly having a compartment to themselves.

The Crew:

  • Child 1 (Erika) who has an angelic demonic imaginary friend and stabs knees when her ratty teddy bear tell her to. Has a small kitten in her pocket at all times and how she is called the ‘Demon Queen of Cheese’…she doesn’t tell.
  • Child 2 (Rouber) in a yellow raincoat and kabuki mask which is actually just a raccoon dressed as a child for companionship and yearns to be a human.
  • Child 3 (Master Charles, or Charlie) is a mute and carries around the skull of his previous butler who interprets for him (Barnard) with little mismatched drawn on black pupils drawn on the back of the eye sockets (giving him a wandering eye appearance).
  • Child 4 (Saleh) is of Tycherosi heritage and can shape shift to take on personas of others to best infiltrate for scores.

Side notes created in score
Bluejays are the upper crust Bluecoats who patrol Brightstone and Whitecrown. Nickname came about because their coats are a deep indigo blue and this name is mentioned in the underbelly and murmurs from the less prestigious Bluecoats who do not gain such benefits as their comrades. Also used the score one off regarding Lord Strangford’s Unity Day Gala.

Items to locate were: a large lady’s hat (with a stuffed bird on it) for Rouber to cover his fur since the mask he wears only covers his face, a Golden Stag statue which has magical powers, food for the kitten and swinging from the expensive chandeliers (which have carved demons at the base which move into merfolk before transcending into angelic beings at the top and electroplasmic lamps.)

Score Sparknotes

  • Saleh stole an invitation to the party from someone when she gathered information on the gala and came as that person. She then ran into that exact person later and caused a scene before shifting enough so when others noticed they did not appear identical. (resisted)

  • Charlie and Barnard find the golden stag and attuned to it but failed his roll, and attuned instead to the hand of Kotar upstairs which seemed to know he was looking at it and beckoned him to come near, he sadly didn’t take the bait. such a shame

  • Erika stabbed Inspector Helle in the knee after she ran into him at the top of the stairs (crit). He caused a scene before she was rescued by Saleh and Rouber. (resisted)

  • Erica found a chandelier and attempted to jump off the banister to swing from it as a distraction so the large hat could be swiped and failed thereby falling onto the grand piano where Cavalier Vale was playing but the kitten helped her recovery to escape back up the stairs. (partial resist)

  • Charlie found the Stag atop a dessert fountain which is a beautiful lily petaled with desserts and water falling through the tiers of petals. During climbing his foot slipped and is now covered in pudding. Which played into his consequence When he went climbing down he failed the roll and falls off the fountain and fractures Barnard’s skull but resists the consequence of drawing more attention as the outrage of the pianist looking at his now broken piano.

  • F-ing Susie vanished once they enter the mansion via the library window and only now arrives when they are arguing to figure out how to escape wearing many new buttons like metals on her dress and ivory dentures and pocket watches in her hand. Leads the crew down and out through the catacombs back to their lair. Though what else she was doing was never noted.

And there you have it! Three out of the four players were new to the system but they had tons of fun! Tomorrow I host another but I’ll leave that story for afterwards, stay tuned for more chaos!


Almost forgot to post the drawing Charlie did of the score objectives. :heart: