Maximum Gambits?

I noticed a spot in the job chapter that says reset to maximum gambits. Is the amount from your crew type a maximum number? I can’t find it referred to as a maximum anywhere else.

I didn’t notice this before, but I think it’s a typo (it’s on page 149 under the “Gambit” subheading for those who are interested in looking). I believe it should read (changes in bold):

Each ship comes with a starting gambit total (modified by upgrades and special abilities). This is the time you reset the gambits to the starting gambits value.

I think this is the case because on page 121 under “Gambits”, it says:

You gain new gambits in two ways. At the beginning of every job, you reset the number of gambits the crew has to the starting gambits value.

In any event I’ve always run it like on page 121. As far as I’m aware there’s no maximum value of gambits the crew can have while on a job.

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That’s what I thought since it was the only place I saw it listed as a max, but I considered that it could be a max to encourage people to keep using them instead of hoarding them.