Memories of the Fallen: Paragon Playset

Finally, my first playset is online!

You can find here:

It’s a dark military fantasy playset, inspired by Malazan Book of the Fallen and Band of Blades.

You are part of the 14th company of the Emperor’s army. After being beaten in the Battle of the Ashes, what remains of the army is falling back to the Moon’s Keep.

In this playset you will find:

  • New rules for characters and roles (Sapper, Cuirassier, Infantryman, Infiltrator, Chirurgeon, and Magus) each with a special ability.
  • New trial resolution system.
  • 15 different locations, with specific PROBLEMS, NPCs, and ENEMIES.
  • 12 different ENEMIES from the Fallen Army.
  • A full high-res map of the Shattered Empire.
  • A standard character sheet in pdf or an online character sheet, to play online with your friends.

If you will play it, feel free to leave feedback!