MERGER, Macrocosmic Corporate Horror Forged in the Dark

Hey Folks!

I’m running my first Kickstarter for a self-published book. MERGER is a single-player RPG about fighting with or against corporate monsters. Use rituals to disrupt management. Use your accounting skills to make frivolous lawsuits fail. Gaze into the unblinking eyes of pure capitalism. Forged in the Dark meets The Big Short by way of True Detective.

You can follow along with the project now, it launches on November 10th.

MERGER is also part of SideQuest 2021 where indie devs are supporting each other’s crowdfunding efforts throughout November, outside the shadow of big organizations. It’s ZineQuest without needing to wait on Kickstarter, basically.

Anyway, please follow along! I’ll post updates here when the game launches and share some updates.

Thanks scoundrels!


My dark heart did not know it craved something like this until I saw this. Thank you.

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My pleasure! Thank you for coming along for the ride!

What a fabulous concept!

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Thank you so much! Excited to launch in just over a week!

The Kickstarter is now live!

Thanks for the follows everyone. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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I liked the True Detective-opening styled pages.

Thank you! I re-learned a lot of photo manipulation tricks for this project. Wanna get those vibes just right. :ok_hand:

MERGER is now funded! Thanks everyone for their support, it’s really appreciated.


Tentacles in the stairwell, blood oozing through the cracks of the elevator doors. A feeling on your skin, like dry porous teeth. What is this place? A company? No. It is a tomb. It is burying you. How will you get out?

MERGER is funded. MERGER has met all it’s stretch goals. MERGER will be covered and filled with beautiful art. Thank you all so much for the support. We’re in our last 48 hour stretch, so if you’re curious or want to share the project, now is an excellent time to do so!

Please and thank you!

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Merger Itch cover image

Thank you all for the support and likes and kind words. Happy to get this out the door and into people’s hands.

The game uses minimal tech from the Forged in the Dark framework. Mostly stress and complications. The action roll is replaced with pools of various sizes of dice. The character starts will small dice (d4’s, d6’s, d8’s) and has to beat the corporation’s pool of dice (d10’s, d12’s) in order to succeed.

Spending stress gets your more dice, or increases the size of a die. You can sacrifice one of your character’s traits to add 1d20 to your pool. A powerful but limited resource, as your traits give you the dice you use to overcome encounters. Run out of those and, well…

Results are similar in that there are failures, mixed successes, and successes, with the mixed success being the most typical result. Stress accumulates into corruption, which unlock special abilities that turn the odds in your favour, but corruption also gives the corporation’s more dice in their pools, so there’s a great risk/reward push and pull at work.

Also there are vices, but they don’t really work the same way :wink:

If you’re curious to see more, check out the link above!

Never played a single player RPG, but I must say I just love the theme and aesthetics there … Also, your merger trailer is fanfuckingtastic.

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