Metacampainging in Blades

Hi everyone. First I would tell you guys that I’ve had lot of fun with Blades lately and wanted to share a couple of things that we’ve done that really makes the new campaings fun.

Back before the book came out I started a campaign with a group of Shadows called “The Eels”. We rotated the GM responsibility for a couple of story arcs before it ended in an epic finale. Fast forward to this year, having just played one shots or starts of campaings that didn’t go anywhere, a new campaing was anoounced on our local facebookgroup. So with some new players and one of my players from the Eels we started an assasins guild called the Bloodknot.

Starting six months after the war in Crows Foot, the Lampblacks won, The Red Sashes dissolved with Mylera Klev as a fixer and the Crows weakened. The GM wanted to use a charater from the old campaign and having the old camapaign as part of the backstory. I managed to get him also incorporate the major events from the Eels campaign so we had the backstory from both grups.

Flash forward a couple of months of epic play where we managed to take out several higher tier groups and individuals, the GM wantd a pause as GM so we started a new campaign of Hawkers which was set back in the same time the Bloodknots started but in the same universe.

All in all the reincorporation of all these campaings has made Doskvol feel lived in. Ulf Ironborn was taken out by the Eels so now “The Sons of Ulf” tries to follow in their fathers footsteps. While our Hawkers campaign progresses we have heard about the Bloodknots exploits as timestamps.


I’m looking at a similar situation. I ran Blades for my group at home for a quite long time a couple of years ago, and the crew really made their mark on the setting. Now I’m running a new campaign with a different group, but my plan from the start was to include the actions of the original crew as part of the setting now. It’s become even more important as I’m adding one player from the previous group, and even though she’ll be playing a new character, she’ll be able to see the repercussions of her previous characters and associated crew.