Miraculous RPG

Hey there! I’ve been working on Miraculous (well, it’s a show about magical girls) hack for some time now.

The premise is: there is a villain who grants destructive power to people overtaken by negative emotions and a bunch of masked heroes defend the Paris from this threat.

itch.io link

Nothing that exceptional, but the main change is Doom mechanic instead of stress — every time it gets filled up, something bad happens — your loved ones get hurt, the jewel that is source of your power gets lost, etc.

Also, the PCs are more reactive, responding to monster attacks, instead of planning heists and acting on their terms.

Feedback is strongly appreciated! Thanks in advance, I guess.


Interesting mix of FitD and PbtA. Do Akuma Moves happen as consequences, or do they just happen when the GM wants them to?

They are intended to happen both as consequences and as “preemptive resistance rolls”. I’m still unsure, though – at one iteration the game had Evade and Endure actions, that were mostly prompted by Akuma moves, but later I decided to switch back to resistance rolls.

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I haven’t read through all of it yet, but my first impression is: wow! This looks promising.
I really like the art work and the design. It looks all very neat, it’s easy to follow etc.
I love the Doom mechanic and I like how you added rules references to the character sheets.
Are you planning on adding more stuff, such as world-building, antagonists…?

I’ve got to check out this Miraculous Fanwork discord server. :slight_smile:


I’m definitely going to add more playbooks, “monster manual” of sorts and an akuma constructor, but I don’t know about worldbuilding. I have some interesting things from my campaign, but as of now, I’m not sure if I’m going to include them with the game.