Mission Generator

Anyone made a (updated) online mission generator for BoB (for the busy GM)?

You ask, and I answer!




That’s awesome!

Now my wishlist for v2 for maximum GM laziness: ability to select which types of missions are available for the region you’re in as well as mark which type the commander chose as a focus.

That’s indeed exactly what I was looking for!

My Wishlist v2 for maximum laziness:

  • More mission names (just the ones from the book tend to repeat quickly).
  • Some fancy (scribbled) layout (so I can just print and show to players).
  • GM only information: like number of obstacles, type of obstacles/enemies, complications…
  • Buttons to indicate current region (so right missions types are chosen) and Commander Focus.

So cool Drew! We just tweeted about this. Let me know your twitter handle (or other way you’d like to be credited).



Yeah what Sean said! I would also like to credit you properly!

Hah :slight_smile: I don’t have a twitter account, so I suppose just use my email; wastevens@gmail.com :slight_smile:

I almost went ahead and included that, cause I knew it would be desired. Probably won’t get around to adding it til tomorrow tho :slight_smile:

More mission names is definitely doable, and letting the user restrict the types of missions generated as well as indincate the Commander’s focus, but the rest is pretty o.O

I mean, it mostly could be done, but would be WAY more involved than I’m gonna invest into a little toy :wink:

Hmm … do you want us to do a d66 list for each (first/last) thing @Drew_Stevens. I can make official tables to add to the docs and sneak you a copy first (hahaha).

That’s what I would call great support :slight_smile:

I mean, I like being sneaked things, but I’m not clear on what ‘thing’ you mean- more sets of names to generate from, or…?

Yus, mission names (for random generation) just a more extended list.


Oh, in that case, totes :smiley:

Out of pure enthusiasm: Any progress?

Not yet - work had an uptick, and I’m struggling with a crippling Oxygen Not Included addiction.

Send help.

Preferrably in printable blueprint form.

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And there I thought you had some breathing disorder and I felt really bad for asking… wrote a reply…and then by pure chance discover its a game :slight_smile:

But if you share the D66 list I can code at least that part for you?

I mean, everything I’ve done should be grabble from the developer console.

If you want to suggest additional names to include in the first and second halves of the name generator, feel free :slight_smile:

Stras promised an extended D66 List (to send to you first)… so I’ll wait for that one…

Was this list released?