Mission questions

  1. Recon missions have the reward “troops”. It is the only reward that is not discussed on page 322. I assume these are rookies or soldiers like in the Recruit quartermaster action.

  2. If the Commander spends Intel to guarantee a special mission, should I still roll on the “mission count” table? I have typically rolled on that table before the Commander has spent Intel, leading once to a situation where their were two special missions available.

And a separate, unrelated question: the Protect action, which is discussed on pages 224-226, has the following text when talking about protecting squads:

Sometimes a Specialist can protect the squad. If Blighter’s troops toss an alchemical grenade into the squad, and the Heavy dives on the explosion with her helmet, she might be able to take the entire damage and resist it down herself. When she does, she suffers the level 3 harm that would be applied instead of it falling on the Rookies. The fiction always takes priority. p 226

Until we looked at the specific wording yesterday, my group had been playing it as “Sometimes a Player Character can protect the squad.” There are a few areas in the book where it sometimes feels like “Specialist” might be a stand-in for “player controlled character”, and I’m wondering if this is one of them.

  1. Rookies specifically yeah.

  2. No. Spending an intel is treated as an automatic 6. So you always get 1 special mission, and 2 others.

  3. PROTECC: Yeah it’s a player character.

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