Missions for my previous campaign

These are the “mission menus” I gave the players in our recent campaign, that they used to pick the primary in advance of the session:

Western Front 1 ===============================================

A. Sec, success. An undead column has been spotted moving NE along the near bank of the Tigeria razing the villages there. Unchecked they will soon be between us and Plainsworth, and not long after actually at Plainsworth. Engaging them now before they meet up with other columns will make them an easier problem to deal with. They are lead by a crow in a(n unusual) white mask. Disperse/disable/destroy the column.

B. Undead activity is expected to increase rapidly in the surrounding areas shortly. If we act now we may be able to predict larger troop movements for the war in the near future. Head to the Sonorian Abbey in the hills to the east (good view across the plains). The Nuns are still there, and are unlikely to cooperate with a group of soldiers at their gates. Record undead movemnt of the plain for several days from the abbey bell tower.

C. Pri, success. A scout has made contact with a spy still in Karlsberg - a high ranking Zemyati military officer, Lieutenant General Nikodim Makarovich, has turned traitor after the loss at Ettenmark and is reportedly acting as advisor to Render’s troops there. Undead numbers on this side of the Tigeria haven’t yet increased to numbers preventing travel to Karlsberg (thanks to the successful destruction of the Hozelbrucke Bridge by the Legion). Get access to the General and silence him. He is reportedly located in a secure compound near the centre of Karlsberg.

Plainsworth 1 =====================================================

A. Sec, success. A nearby enclave of worshippers of the Crafter (i.e. Alchemists) was approached by the Legion to request alchemical supplies and personnel. They were refuseded, but when the Legion representitive insisted, worshippers attacked with alchemicals. These Alchemists have fallen to the foul corruption of Blighter, and the temple must be cleansed of their blight. It was also noted that the first negotiator sent out was, unlike the others, not visibly blighted so there may be an opportunity to bring her under the watchful eye of Shreya, and benefit the Legion.

B. The Holy Warden of the local Aldermani cathedral has approached the Commander and begged, for the sake of his parishioners, for assistance recovering goods raided from his estate and vineyard by a unit of fleeing Orite soldiers, who have installed themselves in a nearby Old Empire keep. The Warden has promised to share the recovered goods with the Legion.

C. Pri, success. Special

Plainsworth 2 =====================================================

A. Sec, success. It’s known that the ancient tomb of a Chosen of Nix sits deep in the forest to the east. Undead scouts have been reported entering the forests, presumably to search for it. What the undead plan with it is unknown, but the body of a Chosen is a powerful artefact they may be able to put to foul use. The tomb sits in the forest at the base of a mountain - if enough earth could be brought town on top of it it could be hidden and/or protected from the undead for years to come.

B. Pri, success. A small convoy from Blighters lines has been spotted making it’s way to a camp of Render’s south of here, suspected to be carrying both alchemical supplies for Render and correspondance from Blighter. A team is to infiltrate the camp and overhear/ascertain resulting movements/plans of Render’s troops. It would also be highly beneficial t the legion (and detrimental to the undea) if some of the alchemical delivery could be aquired.

C. The Holy Warden Zigfried is back, this time not to ask for military aid against the soldier-bandits, but for an escort for himself. He has gathered treasures and valuables that he intends to use as payment to the soldiers to have them move on, hopefully leaving behind any food or supplies they are unable to carry with them. He requests and armed part capable of getting him safetly to and from the keep. The soldiers have grown considerably more aggressive of late, raiding the country around their base, robbing refugees, and pillaging what they can. Warden Zigfried offers to share any recovered supplies with the Legion, and the people of Plainsworth will no doubt be genuinely grateful for the aid.

Plainsworth 3 =====================================================

A. Mayor Wallner comes to the Commander, hat in hand, and with a crate of fine wine as a gift, and begs for aid. Holy Warden Zigfried went to negotiate with the soldier-bandits unescorted, and hasn’t been seen since. Now word has come from the old keep, they demand an rich ransom to return the Warden. The Warden is the religious light that this community follows, and they are lost sheep without him - the town will pay, but need a strong force to safetly deliver the ransom and escort the Warden back.

B. Pri, success. The legion has been in contact with a group of resistance fighters based in the Bahr Swamps to the west, local undead numbers have inceased significantly and these fighters are under considerable pressure. They are sorely in need of supplies. They are aware of some hidden smugglers stores in a hamlet on the west bank of the Tigeria and propose that they and the Legion share them - the resistance will provide the boats and navigators, the Legion will provide personnel, and recover the supplies. Previous attempts to recover the cache have been unsuccessful because there is an unusually large body of armed people (humans) there lead by a man said to see without eyes, who won’t agree to resistance proposals or intrusion.

C. Sec, success. Undead numbers are increasing rapidly in the area, there are numerous reports now of undead sighted north of here, including many of Spitters. Scouts report a large undead outpost in the edge of the forest to the north from where the Doctor is directing local troop movements, and it is increasingly looking like there will soon be an attempt made to overcome Plainsworth. Strike before Plainsworth can be cut off, and before the Doctor can amass even greater force around himself. Kill the Doctor and any other leadership supporting him, and destroy any facilities the undead have there.

Sunstrider 1 =====================================================

A. Sec, failed. There are reports of Renders troops already on this side of the mountains, ahead of the Legion. Advance troops have been trickling through a hidden pass in the mountains to the south, despite the danger of the pass and resources required. This is an unexpected problem. Find out at what rate troops are coming through now, who their leaders are, and where they’re headed. If possible, destroy or block the pass once its location and characteristics are known. A stealthy approach through mountainous terrain will be necessary.

B. Legion scouting parties, searching for more secure locations for the Legion to pause, report that the Citadel of the Living God Templars on the road to the south is besieged by Black Oak Knights. A ramp up the walls has almost been completed - the Knights will soon be over the wall and in control of the citadel. The Templars have libraries containing ancient knowledge and lore which should be kept from the hands of the Cinder King, and the Templars are reknowned fighters who may join their strength to the Legion, at least temporarily. Get through the seige, destroy the library (or even better the citadel), bring back anything and anyone that will aid the Legion in its struggle.

C. Pri, success. Special

Sunstrider 2 =====================================================

A. Scouts report the recently taken Templar citadel has already been left behind by the troops that took it, as they hurry towards fresh conquests. It may be worth searching the citadel for any intel that can be gleaned from anything that may have been left behind. A squad is to enter the citadel and search for useful material. Proceed with some caution, the scouts also reported seeing movement on the walls in the dark of night…

B. Pri, success. Vesna, heir of Horse Lord Nettar has been trailed by a group of our scouts for some time now. She and her cadre of elite riders have been raiding to the south and will be returning, no doubt heavily laden with loot, to Nettar in days. This may be our only opportunity: intercept her and her band, seize her and bring her back to act as hostage against Nettar.

C. Sec, success. Special

Duresh 1 =====================================================

The Legion is now in the the hills and valleys that form the outskirts of the great Duresh Forest - the Hellenwald. The local Paynar communities are cooperative - and to ease the burden on them the Legion has spread itself among several villages, hiding from the unrelenting searching of Render’s cruel troops.

**A. ** Legion Panyar are permitted to participate in the local rituals, and one night [unnamed Panyar legionaire], under the influence of ‘Semsayt’ brew experiences a holy vision, that the tribal elders say is a message from the gods: [unnamed Panyar legionaire] must go to Mother, an ancient being deep in the forest said by legend to have eaten “the hearts of one hundred Chosen”, and waken her to stalk the forest an protect it from the Broken. Shaman Grey Twisting Smoke will guide you on your holy task.

B. Pri, success. [unnamned Legionaire] has taken a secret lover in the Panyar tribe, and in their bed in the dark has heard whispered tales of the Champion’s Grove, a place where an ancient Chosen fell, still clutching Del Mitra. Sometimes boastful young men from the tribes go to seek the Grove to claim Del Mitra and its power for themselves, although the Grove is forbidden to all but the elders, but they either come back without reaching the Grove, or not at all.

C. Sec, failed. On returning to the village one night the patrol finds carnage waiting for them. A Crow, and a vast hulking Horror with the lower half of one ‘arm’ replaced with a gigantic metal hook (reminding some of Shreya’s comment after the mission at Plainsworth to hunt the Doctor that she’d cut the hand off some monstrosity) stand over the bodies of several dead Panyar warriors. The Crow delivers a written message from Blighter: “My darling, you and your pups may be able to hide from the Hollow Knight, but not from me. There is no need for us to squabble. Let us join our strength - we will crush the Hollow Knight and his master, and rule this world together. I am not unreasonable, I have no wish to see humanity destroyed, merely to have it grovel before me. Send your pups now to do a little task for me, moon of my heart - the Knight has had a forge set up on the forest’s edge where he can pour wood into his fires and Cinder Blood into his iron, and send his Thorns against the city beyond the lake. Locate the forges camp for me, and give a report to my servants. I will use what is in the camp to crush him, and to show goodwill I will deliver a present to your pups to help them fight the Kight’s slaves. Listen to your soul my darling, I know you dream of me - I am waiting for you.”

Talgon 1 =====================================================

A. Scouts have spotted a large team of Blighter’s undead, led by an “unusually large” Crow, circling well clear of our location and heading south towards the plains. As far as we know there’s nothing on the plains now but Render’s troops and caravans heading east. Appearances suggest Blighter may be about to make an overt move against Render - our complete lack of understanding here is dangerous and could lead to our undoing. Find out what they’re up to and why. If their goals pose a threat to the Legion, disrupt them.

B. Sec, failed. Rowan rushes to the Commander in a state between panic and outrage: he’s spotted undead at the northern end of Cold Way, the deep, dark lake in the valley just to the north of Harug. He claims they’ve caught a Markeek, a legendary creature thought to be more myth than truth, that the ancient hero of fables, Sawn Mol is said to have slain to steal it’s mystical powers. Investigate, see off the undead, and if there’s any “mystical power” to be claimed for the Legion, see that it’s claimed.

C. Pri, success. Atikar wakes up alone - Turquoise Drifting is gone. From the few traces found in the camp it seems the Panyar have been following the Legion through the forest, waiting for an opportunity, entirely unseen despite our extensive and experienced pickets, and apparently untroubled by undead. They must have knowledge and techniques beyond our own. There are still vast tracts of forest to be travelled by the Legion - hunt down the Panyar, ensure they won’t be a future threat to the Legion, take one with knowledge that can be extracted to benefit the Legion (ideally Turquoise, but failing that, any other).
Shreya utters a brief prayer to her parent and speaks to the command staff discussing this mission: “The Panyar must have a powerful shaman with them - they have called to the Horned One for her protection, and she has heeded them, I feel her. She is a childish, petulant, and powerful force. I will join this mission, no-one else can hope to stand against a Chosen.”

Entry to Calisco =====================================================
PCs fired at Blighter, learnt why that was a bad idea. Got into Calisco.

Calisco 1 =====================================================

A. Troops managing access to the fortress’ only well, a narrow 200 yard deep shaft near the centre of the fortress, reported today noise from the shaft and dirt and dust in the water being brought up. The fortress’ water source must be protected at any cost, action is to be taken immediately. It appears the digging site, now very heavily guarded, that the Legion blew up as a distraction when they arrived has become active again, and is the source of the incursion. At this point the well doesn’t appear to have been poisoned. Someone in the undead forces is willing to expend significant time and resources on this project, more than seems warranted. A team is to go down the shaft and enter the intersection tunnel, to find out who is responsible, and whether the reason for digging is something unexpected.

B.Sec, failed. Since the night the Legion entered the fortress, Render’s monsterous trebuchet, Madness, has been pounding the gate fortifications relentlessly, with massive missiles. The buildings on top of the gate are nothing but rubble now, exacerbating the already critical housing shortage in the fortress, but the gate walls beneath have not yet broken. Last night, in the middle of a staff meeting between Jonakas and some fortress officers, Madness suddenly, without warning, changed target and obliterated the building they were in. Jonakas escaped almost unscathed, but others weren’t so lucky. Angry troops and panicking civilians meant there was bloodshed before order was restored. This morning reports have come to light of a sentry seeing a shadow moving along the bottom of the wall towards Madness’ position shortly before the incident. There are informants in the fortress. Tonight Jonakas will set bait for the traitors, the Legion must send someone out to catch the mole and settle this matter.

**C. Pri, success.**Special

Played an extra mission/session here to escape Calisco ===============================

A spy for Render was directing bombardments, hoping to kill Jonakas. The PCs screwed Jonakas over in a deal then ran for it.

High Road 1 =====================================================

A. Sec, success. Forward pickets report activity further up, close to the plateau - an advance depot of some kind. Take this opportunity to remove support for the enemy that must soon be following us: destroy or render useless the depot, whatever its purpose is. Black Oak Knights have been spotted there, led by their champion, Irag the Flayed. Avoid him if possible.

B. Earlier today we passed a monastery high up on a nearby peak. Figures watched us openly from atop the walls, as did others: hanging by their necks from ropes out windows were the bodies of the monks who called the monastery home. Now as night is falling and camp is being made, Shreya comes to the Commander. “Commander, those monks today must have seen a great many interesting detail in the last few weeks. Bring me one, I will know what its dead eyes have seen”.

C. Pri, success. Special


Atikar became guardian of the Horned One’s head, which Shreya cut off in Talgon. He used it to gain weave. His wife Turquoise left him as a result.

Del Mitra was used in the second wave to make a Heavy threat 3, she cut swathes through the enemy before finally dying at the end of the second wave, the only casualty.

Campaign score was 145.


Thanks for this writeup!

Ah this is great, These could be real useful for inspiration when coming up with mission ideas. I’m going to be running a new campaign soon and I’ve got a google doc with all my previous campaign missions and ideas. Will make a second post about it so feel free to use my ideas as well!

There’s quite a bit here so sorry if it blows up the page size. I organized all of them by category and happened to include the rewards/penalties I rolled at the time. You’ll notice the first few assaults are all the same wolf mission. It was a mission that they continuously left unattended so I made it grow in strength until they had to deal with it.

Anyway, feel free to take these ideas and go with it, I already took a lot of inspiration from Stras and his Actual Play campaign so you might notice a few missions that look similar if you’ve watched it.

Powerful Undead
Reward: +2 Morale, +1 intel
Penalty: +1 pressure
*Never ran as primary
The Doctor (An infamous crow) has setup shop in a nearby village turned into a ramshackle fort for the war. It was recently ransacked by the undead. Our scouts have sighted large vats of alchemicals being brought into the town. We don’t know what they’re for yet but we want to throw a wrench in their plans by destroying those vats. We’re also tasking you to find out what they’re for if possible
Patrols in town (crows and rotters)
Horror lying in wait (trap)
Destruction of Vats (inside of large church), The plans for spitters are in there as well

Operation Diamond Wolf
The Wild
Reward: +2 Morale, +1 Intel
Penalty: +1 Pressure
*Never ran as primary
Our scouts have reported sighting a large blighted Wolf wreaking havoc in the outskirts of Sunstrider camp. It destroying and consuming vital supplies to the region as well as devastating the wildlife. We’re not entirely sure what happened to this creature, but it is no doubt the work of corruption. It needs to be put down before it can cause any more damage
The corruptive mists that blighter has developed is in the region and may trap the squad
Pacts of threat 1 wolves which are partially corrupted follow in its wake
The Wolf
Corrupted Wolf, Threat 3
Large, Green eyes, partially decaying, fur has fallen out in places
Fights with scale as a small squad
Corrupting bite and can breathe corrupting green fire, very deadly and can light up the woods. (this is how it has been destroying the wildlife)
Operation Diamond Wolf 2
Reward: +4 Morale
Penalty: +1 Pressure, +1 Time
*Never ran as primary
The large blighted Wolf seems to have followed us from Sunstrider camp. It is continuing to devastate the region. Though recently the attacks have been a bit more focused and less random. It seems to be operating with a bit more intelligence, it is possible that the undead has found and turned it to their cause. In either case it is still a menace that needs to be stopped
The corruptive mists that blighter has developed is in the region and may trap the squad
Pacts of threat 1 wolves which are partially corrupted follow in its wake
The Wolf
Corrupted Wolf, Threat 3
Large, Green eyes, partially decaying, fur has fallen out in places
Fights with scale as a small squad
Corrupting bite and can breathe corrupting green fire, very deadly and can light up the woods. (this is how it has been destroying the wildlife)
Operation Diamond Wolf 3
Wolf has gotten stronger (Threat 4)
Reward: +2 Morale, +2 Supply
Penalty: -1 Supply
That blasted Wolf is on us again. There’s no doubt in my mind that it is following us. It has gotten larger and more intelligent than when we first encountered it, and it seems to have had no trouble recovering from our first attempt at killing it. Although to our benefit it seems as though the council of Eastlake has put a bounty on the wolf. It would be best if they didn’t find out that we’re the reason it’s even here. Our scouts have tracked it’s current den somewhere north of here in a large cave. We need to plan carefully if we want to take this thing out, it’s stronger than it was before.
The corruptive mists that blighter has developed is in the region and may trap the squad
Pacts of threat 1 wolves which are partially corrupted follow in its wake
The Wolf
Corrupted Wolf, Threat 4
Large, Green eyes, partially decaying, fur has fallen out in places
Fights with scale as a small squad
Corrupting bite and can breathe corrupting green fire, very deadly and can light up the woods. (this is how it has been destroying the wildlife)

Operation Amber Tiger
Reward: +2 Morale, -1 Time
Penalty: +1 Time
*Never run as primary
Assault Storage Depot of Blighter’s gas and siege weapons to destroy
After revealing Blighter’s plans to siege Eastlake we managed to locate an undead caravan transporting vital chemicals to be used during the siege. It’s on the way to the Doctor’s camp as we speak. The caravan is well guarded, so be careful, we only need you to take out the supplies to slow down the undead’s plans
Covering the caravan using the poison mist (So this will cause problems on the way in and on the way out)
10 - Clock of siege supplies to destroy (barrels of gas and bile and acid)
8 - 6 Clock on when the caravan makes it to camp (with many reinforcements)
The wailer, 8 - clock if attempting a take down
Infamous Horror (The Wailer) is heading the caravan
It will emit a soul piercing screech that will cause level 2 harm (shell shocked) to anyone who can hear it
Spitters on chains from crows aiming them, front and back of convoy
Multiple horrors dragging huge carts of supplies (mostly restrained, but they will still be a threat if they get close
A scattering of numerous Rotters covering a large perimeter

Assault (Special Mission):
Reward: -2 Time. +3 Supply. +1d to Acquire Assets this campaign phase
Penalty: None
Requires: Horses
Favor: Glory, Mercy
*Never ran as primary
The undead horde arrived before all materiel made it into the fort. A unit buried a supply cache of Black Shot, weapons, and food just in sight of the northern wall. It’s sitting completely untouched. Sortie from the fort, deal with the undead crawling over the depot, and bring the supplies back before the siege cuts you off.
Render’s troops are continuing the siege from the other side and are crawling all over the area. If they find out about the cache they will certainly use it
Sortieing out of the fort without causing too much attention
Locating the Cache
Retrieving the Cache while dealing with the undead
Blighters troops are also nearby, and since they’re not accustomed to dealing with Renders living units it can be an opportunity for the squad
Lots of Gaunts, now upgraded near the supplies
Ache (The infamous heartless) is stationed near the ballistas barking orders
Irag the Flayed (Lieutenant) commands the siege from this side, if the squad makes too much of a commotion he will investigate personally
Plenty of knights manning siege weapons, in particular one unit is firing a Ballista nearby the supplies,

Powerful Undead (+1 specialist required)
Reward: +3 Morale
Penalty: +1 Pressure
*Never run as primary
Requires: A Scout (in addition to normal mission requirements)
We’ve got an opportunity to strike at The Doctor and his lab which is situated somewhere near the frontline of the siege. We know of some vital resources that will be ending up in the lab soon. The mission is to destroy the lab and as many supplies as possible

Special Mission (assault)
Reward: +2 Morale. +2 Supply, Relic
Penalty: +1 Time
Requires: Vital, Only Specialists
Signs of blight have spread among the general populace. Jonakas suspects the Orite unit named the Garde Mechaniq. Heavily injured in the war, their unit was allegedly ravaged by blight, but investigation found no proof of the corruption. Jonakas has asked you to send a squad of Specialists—and only Specialists—to investigate.
Investigation (good clock 8? 10? bad clock 4). One good place to start would be with the blighted citizens
Blighted Citizens
Poison fog might roll in during a crucial moment
The unit itself will do their best to obstruct the legion or dismiss them
They’re a unit of engineers who were able to rig together this blight tank with the help of an alchemist
Rubin, the missing disciplinary officer might know some things
Captain Zardani is the head of the unit. When the jig is up he’ll attempt to sway the legion to look the other way:
“I don’t see what the problem here is, we’re out here holding the undead back from the rest of civilization. You think I don’t already know we’re not getting out of this alive? We’re god damned heroes”
“The people here are living on borrowed time too, some of them are even grateful to be able to help with the cause. My men and I can’t hold the line if the blight is rotting us away”
Mostly threat 2 soldiers from the unit


Recon (Diamond Arrow)
Area Recon + Danger
Reward: +3 Intel
Penalty: +1 pressure penalty
Area Recon + Danger
*Never ran as primary
We’ve got word that a large group of undead (and a lieutenant Irag, the Flayed) has been sighted ransacking and clearing out the various fortifications still remaining not too far from the front. We need to stay ahead of their movements, we’re tasking you to observe their movements for a few days, and if possible determine where they’re headed, they’re likely to have their orders detailed somewhere. We may be able to warn citizens to evacuate before the undead arrive.
Tracking down the group (make a clock for time) could take days
Consequences could include: harm from being worn down (cold from rain, etc)
Stumbling into roaming undead
Taking extra time, costing extra resources?
Perimeter defenses of camp (Knights of the Oak with Hounds on chains patrolling) (Gaunts in camp) (piles and piles of corpses being transported by wagons)
Getting orders from camp (Irag, the Flayed INSIDE)

Operation Flying Tiger
(DANGER) Exfiltration
Reward: Religious supplies, +1 Intel
Penalties: None (mission of opportunity)
*Never ran as primary
One of the Spymaster’s informants has sent up a signal from behind enemy lines requesting rescue, she was sent to tail one of Blighter’s infamous named The Doctor to try and find out what his latest experiments are for. This signal indicates that her cover is blown and needs assistance escaping. Her intel may provide us with some insight into what Blighter is planning next. The informant is currently somewhere in the town of Middlely where The Doctor was last seen
Informant is a Panyar with snake eyes (Azure Flowing Tide)
The city is polluted with foul smelling green gas, not immediately harmful but it is clear you don’t want to stay here long
The main lab is set up in the castle, not where the informant is however
Several days journey on foot (food requirements)
Getting past patrols to make it into the town (4 clock alarm)
Locating the informant (6-clock)
Escaping the town with the informant (she will not divulge any information until she makes it back to camp as she does not trust that the squad will help her escape)
She has managed to acquire and utilize several reliquaries in places around her hideout to help keep the corruption at bay, the squad will need to gather them all up if they want the Religious supplies reward.
Rotters, lots of them, they’re all over the town, some stumbling about, others on patrol routes with Crows overseeing them
Horrors, some are dragging materials around to bring to the lab.
The players will encounter at least one set up as a trap by the doctor, blasting through a wall
Spitters, some Crows are guiding the spitters around the town spraying acid on various buildings, in general just spreading corruption
The Doctor, is looking for the informant, Carries acid bombs, very quick and cunning, uses minions to keep enemy away.

Operation Western Peak
Reward: Asset (Horses), +1 Intel
Penalty: None
*Never ran as primary
Lady Tsaga of sunstrider camp has requested our help in helping rescue a spy she has placed in a rival mountain bandit group. She hasn’t heard from them in a week now and fears the worst. The mountain bandits have been seen parlaying with undead leaders recently and she assumes that they might be attempting to strike a deal of sorts. Their intel could be valuable, and Lady Tsaga has agreed to give us some horses as payment for a successful exfiltration.
Camp patrols and Perimeter
The camp jail cell with the spy and a few other prisoners
The Doctor who comes to negotiate with leader, he doesn’t talk, only shows written demands.
They plan on elisting bandits to place toxic barrels around sunstrider camp, in return they’ll allow them to leave safely
15 Bandits (T1)
Bandit Leader (T2)
The Doctor (T3)
Supported by a few Crows
A few spitters
15 Rotters (who don’t come into the camp right away for obvious reasons)

Operation Azure Light
Route Recon (DANGER)
Reward: +2 Intel
Penalty: 2 Deaths
We were tipped off about a potential route through sunstrider camp that should make our advancement much safer through the region. It is used by a local group of smugglers to get supplies in and out safely. The trouble is that the leader of the group has set up a meeting with the undead to show them the route. We’re not sure what the undead promised them but word is that there are some who are not exactly happy with working for the undead. We need to get to them before the undead do and convince them to help us instead, this path is of vital importance to the Legion.
Locating Camp
Toxic gasses (T2)
Camp Patrols and Perimeter
The Smugglers and their leader may be convinced to help
Viktoria there to get the smuggler’s help in securing the passage
10 Smugglers (threat 1) (can be convinced to help)
1 Smuggler Leader (threat 2)
Viktoria Karhowl (Lieutenant Threat 4)
Promised the leader that they’ll let the smugglers leave unharmed with some looted gold as payment
She is enhanced with a clockwork armor, hidden bomb and gun compartments,
Seems to have some device on a ring that lets her control the undead she has with her.
Multiple (10 each) crows and rotters, though the rotters are held back in case anything happens
A couple spitters for area control
Operation Crimson Tiger
Troop Recon
Reward: +2 Intel
Penalty: 1 Death
Never run as primary
Eastlake is safe… For now, but we’ve received reports of an undead camp a few days away south of here. It looks like they might be prepping a siege. We’re not sure when and what their numbers are so we’ve tasked you to do some troop recon. We’ll need accurate troop numbers, how many and what kind of weapons they’re bringing and more importantly when they plan to attack. There’s no way Eastlake will stand up to the significant forces the undead have available, but it will be invaluable to know how much time it’s going to take them to do it.
A perimeter of rotters standing around, quite a few around camp. They will move in to attack if engaged. Crows patrolling the perimeter using the Rotters as an alarm system of sorts
Dangerous Chemicals stored haphazardly around the camp which is mostly various assorted dumps of materiel.
Crows fitting Horrors to be used as catapults. The Horrors are mostly strapped down so they aren’t an immediate threat. The squad will need to get an accurate number of them (4 - 6 clock?)
Command Tent has houses the Doctor with the siege plans (and when it will happen), This is necessary or the mission is considered a failure
Doctor (Infamous Crow)
Keeps a Horror hidden under a pile of boxes and supplies as a trap
Perimeter of Rotters (a large number, they won’t all engage at once due to the distance)
Crows tending to restrained Horrors
Spitters which are being taken to holding pens

Route Recon
Reward: Route Out of Fort Calisco, +1 Intel
Penalty: +1 Time
While investigating for a path out of the fort we learned of a smuggling duo famous around the refugees for bringing in all sorts of goods during the siege somehow. Problem is that they apparently haven’t been seen for almost a week now. We’re setting up a team to locate them and get them to show us how they get in and out. Without it we won’t be able to leave
Smuggler’s have been captured by a group of soon to be deserters planning to use them to make their escape
If the squads make too much noise investigating the soldiers will attempt to capture individuals if they’re separated. They don’t want to kill anyone, especially from the legion so they’ll try and leave them locked up while they make their escape.
Make a 6 clock to track the time for when the soldiers leave the fort with the smugglers
Make a 8 - 10 clock for the investigation
Duo’s name: Anton and Aurora
A good amount of threat 2 veterans of the fort
Mostly a lot of threat 1 soldiers though

Troop Recon.
Reward: +2 Intel
Penalty: 2 Deaths
*Never run as primary
We know that the undead aren’t using their full force to siege Fort Calisco. We suspect they’re currently gathering more troops near their back line that they plan to overrun the Fort with, and we’ll eventually need to deal with them by the time we make it to Skydagger. We need you to do some recon and get some accurate numbers on their forces.


Operation Screaming Wing
Mercenary Work
Reward: Blackshot, +1 Supply
Penalties: None (mission of opportunity)
An Orite Noble named Landgrave Elrik has contacted us shortly after our arrival to Plainsworth, his wife and child need to be escorted from his family keep about a day’s journey west of here. He was trapped in Plainsworth after the undead started raiding the countryside, Plainsworth has been fairly safe for now but he has been unable to secure enough protection to make a rescue attempt. He has a small amount of personal guard stationed there which should be able to hold off some of the undead for now, but we’ll need to act fast to get there in time and get out before the undead mount any serious attack. He has agreed to pay us a modest fee as well as the remaining blackshot he has stored at the keep
Keep is on a hill, Base of keep is a lake on one side, could scale the keep as opposed to entering from the front
Only 3 guards left, the gate has held most of the undead off
Front of keep has Gaunts and Hound corpses clearly there for days, guard’s work
Village around keep is abandoned, there are undead picking about in there
1 days journey both ways
Village in front of the keep contains 10 Black oak knights pillaging what supplies are left, A few have hounds on chain to sniff out any living
At the gate is a heartless with a large hammer, he’s dragging hounds with him and has Gaunts hacking at the gate with Axes, He’s making his way up to the gate to bring it down, using Gaunts for cover
As the squad rescues the wife and child, the Black oak knights (or what’s left of them) set fire to the town, making it quite treacherous to escape through)
Making back from keep, Direct route is riddled with undead
10 Black oak knights in the town, 4 - 6 hounds between them
12 Gaunts at the gate
1 Heartless with a huge hammer at the gate, 2 hounds chained to him
Town Fire

Special Mission, Supply
Operation Azure Tiger
Reward: +3 Supply, +2 if Maja is unharmed
Favor: Mercy
Penalties: None
Benritza, a powerful ruling council member, needs an escort for her daughter Maja to retrieve family heirlooms from a country manor. These heirlooms have no value to the Legion, but the councilwoman will pay handsomely for them. Our scouts say the undead are operating in the region
Perimeter patrols
Manor guards (Knights of Black Oak)
Maja may run off to try and save something else and risk blowing cover
(This is her reason for wanting to enter the manor aside from saying that she’s the only one that knows how to unlock the secret compartment, and knows where it is)
Ache is in the manor, conversing with the “Head” of the guard captain, which is stuffed into his right side chest hole. Asking him “Where can I find more weapons and raw materials”.
The manor is being used as FOB for Render, storing siege supplies that get carted in, new supplies arrive frequently usually with a few knights
6 Knights of Black Oak, they’ve fortified the area with a black steel ballista, they have a couple hounds on chains as well, standing guard near the entrance
Ache (Infamous) is running the base, has Black Steel bolts with him
A Heartless is patrolling the perimeter with 12 Gaunts and a couple hounds

Operation Broken Wing
Mercenary Work
Reward: Religious Supplies, +2 Supply
Penalty: None
Favor: Mystic (cults and rituals)
Never ran as primary
Eastlake’s guard has been receiving reports of citizens going missing within the town, only to have their bodies show up a few days later mutilated in some back alley streets. They’ve enlisted out help and will pay us if we can get to the bottom of it. The annals of the legion mark some disturbing similarities between how the victims were killed and a secret blood ritual used by The Last Emperor to grant great arcane power. Solving this probably won’t help Eastlake in the long run considering the undead are close by, but the supplies they’re paying us would.
(cults and rituals)
Investigation in the city (8 - clock)
Consequences, tired harm, losing items? Possibly being captured)
Making it into cultist hideout (which is under a storefront, the owner is in on it)
Shutting down on ongoing ritual, if they’re fast enough the leader will only be threat 2 unless he can finish a sacrifice
Cultists, (mostly threat 1)
A few exalted cultists who exhibit superhuman strength (threat 2, 3 for the leader?)

Scrounge or Trade
Reward: +3 Supply
Penalty: None
*Never run as primary
Now that we have access to the smuggler tunnels we’ve been able to locate a large cache of supplies the smugglers had been using to bring into the fort. Unfortunately undead have been sighted all over the area. We’ll need to be careful in retrieving these much needed supplies.


Operation Amber Arrow
Reward: Ballista (Siege Weapon)
Penalty: -1 Morale
On the outskirts of westlake there is a temple to one of the Twin gods of Aldermark. A Chosen of the crafter god Mattiar made a great many things here. One of which was a Ballista, supposedly blessed to “never miss it’s target”. The ballista remains in that temple today. Unfortunately it has been overrun by undead forces and the temple itself deconsecrated. Whether or not the ballista remains blessed, we currently don’t have any siege weapons. If we plan on holding Skydagger effectively we’re going to need some.
The temple itself is very large with a few other buildings. The area emits gastly green glow and gas in various regions. A fountain in the middle is pouring out sickly green water.
Getting the Ballista free, it is a part of a diorama of stone statues depicting a scene. The ballista is being fired by Mattiar. Using Reliquaries adds effect or potency to help remove the ballista
During the attempt at removing the ballista, the statue of Mattiar’s eyes will glow green and start ringing the temple bells. Large swarms of rotters will make their way through all entrances to the temple.
After the ballista is free, the seemingly endless swarms of rotters will be purged by the statue of Mattiar, his eyes glowing fearce red before unleashing a nova of flame. In the process it sets fire to the temple however and the squad will need to make it out with the Balista through the flames, Rotters all gone at this point however.
Rotters, lots and lots. Most of them in this case are packed into the various different buildings. A few scattered around the temple courtyard, very slow and unreactive unless provoked
As the squad frees the ballista it seems to activate something in the rotters and sends them into a frenzy swarming into the temple proper.
Mattiar is a crafter god and the breaking of Blighter has enraged him, the desecration of his temple has him seeing rotters as allies, until the squad manages to break the ballista free, after which he realizes he’s been tricked and immolates the area
The rotters have been left behind for unknown reasons. It’s possible they were forgotten, or that maybe stragglers have shown up here for some reason.

Operation Grasping Wing
Favor: Mercy
Reward: +1 Intel, +2 Morale
Penalty: -1 Morale, +1 Pressure
A small village devoted to Asreka is under threat of undead assault. The village has been housing many injured and refugees from the war and the people there need time to evacuate. We’re sending a squad to help the (frankly small) militia in holding off the undead long enough for the people of the village to escape. We may be able to use this opportunity to learn more about how our enemy operates.
a 6-clock to fail the mission, (too many casualties, mission failure)
A 12 - 10 clock to evacuate, squad members can help
Fire’s being set in the village
Render’s troops, destroying a village to provoke Shreya
Plenty of gaunts and hounds being led in by Heartless
A few heartless here and there with their normal retinue
Knights harrying villagers while on mounts
Ache the Infamous is leading the charge

Reward: Artifact Hammer (Hammer of Mattiar)
The Hammer Artifact grants +1d to wreck/rig when trying to demolish or break things, Armored targets for example, or structures. Wielding the hammer on a mission costs 1 stress to wield (each use) and takes 1 utility slot
Penalty: +1 Pressure
*Never ran as primary
An ancient Aldermanni unit carrying a legendary hammer forged by one of the chosen crafter gods was lost on their way retreating from a battle centuries ago. They were never seen from or heard of again. Our spies say that Blighter may have located that unit and has tasked a subordinate to excavate a burial site which once held ground for a temple to said Chosen. If that hammer is really there then we cannot let Blighter get her hands on it. We’re sending you in to investigate and leave with the hammer if possible
Blighter’s excavation crew. Lots of crows and rotters, Horrors to dig, spitters to dissolve rock
Base excavation perimeter
Getting into the temple
Locating the hammer
Dealing with the revenants
The aldermani ended up dying in their now buried temple, only they resurrected as revenants in order to protect the weapon created by the chosen. The revenants will only give the hammer to “The faithful”, presumably one who follows the traditions of the old crafter god themselves. They ask whoever comes upon them “Are you faithful?” but nothing else.
Blighter’s excavation crew. Lots of crows and rotters, Horrors to dig, spitters to dissolve rock
Threat 2 Ghostly Revenants that are incorporeal. Blackshot can work, but probably only that.

Fort Calisco:
Moat of toxic chemicals to dissolve attacking undead
Intel question: 2 approaches:
Destroy new siege equipment or supply lines,
Mess with the horrors and the large chemical vats being used to produce explosive acidic barrels to launch
Mess with the machine chemical vats generating mist (or the horror doing it) to let the Legion get through
Supply lines transporting bodies near the back
Shreya suggests that she can disrupt the mists momentarily while she keeps Blighter and some troops at bay, while the squads use this moment to ride through the mist to attack at the siege equipment
Attack at night with an alchemical solution to help against the mist, to get in, attack siege weapons and get out. Using the cover of night to navigate the mists more safely
Poison acid mists, alchemists provide 3 uses of Deep potion. Allowing soldiers to avoid breathing in mists, reduces potential damage and corruption
12 clock for Blighter, 10 clock for Shreya
Shreya rolls 4 dice, Blighter rolls 5
Compare highest roll value (1, 2, 3) blighter gets vs shreya. Blighter gets plus 2 to the result due to threat and scale. Tick the difference off of Shreya. If Shreya crits and Blighter gets a ⅓ then tick one off Blighter
A squad can be sent with Shreya to offset the scale difference. However every 3 ticks will result in one death
If filled, Shreya is badly wounded, start another 4-clock for capture
Dealing with the large chemical vat machine
Can try to just hammer it but it will be dangerous
Can try and use explosives by climbing to the top and dropping it in, still may be dangerous
Dealing with Black Rotting Gale, the Abomination (10 clock)
Big Lieutenant horror (Black Rotting Gale, the Abomination) being used to chuck barrels, but also generating poison mist, it takes a while to create a large area, but it will be tough to get up close to it, while also avoiding being hit by chucked barrels and gutsacks
Rotters and Crows tending to the chemical vats
New Gutsacks are nearby the horror and being used as ammo sometimes
As fight goes on Spitters lead by Crows from the front arrive to attempt to drive off the squad


Take one internets for the day, sir, you are a hero and a gentleman.