Modern Warfare and Threat 2 clocks

Hey guys

I am running a Band of Blades campaign and loving it! Summer has just ended and the broken in my campaign have gotten new abilities. Blighter chose modern warfare.

Does modern warfare mean that Rotters and Crows should now be encountered using a 8 clock?

Or should they as normal be defeated with one roll taking into account their Threat only on Effect/Position and levels of Harm on 4-5 rolls?

Well, the text of “modern Warfare” is : “Blighter’s troops carry appropriate fine arms and armor. This elevates the threat of troops that use arms and armor by 1—all of
Blighter’s troops except Elites.”

So, the first question is: do Rotters and Crows use arms and armour in your game?

If they do, they are now Threat 2.

Second question: do all Threat 2 warrant a 8-clock?

The text says: “A typical threat 2 monster, such as a Shadow Witch, is eight segments”.

So, if the text has to be followed, I would say: yes, each Rotter and Crow (if using arms and armour) are now 8-Clock threat-2.

BUT… it does NOT mean that when you encounter a group of, say 10 Rotters, they are now ten 8-clocks. Just like, when you encounter a group of 8 Black Oak Knight, they are NOT eight 8-clocks.

A group of ten Rotters with Modern Warfare would be a Threat 2, Scale 3 8-clock. Plus a 8-clock for the leading Crow (maybe).

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Nano remember that what’s making them hit harder and be harder to down is just weapons and armor. I wouldn’t use full 8-clocks because you largely don’t want to completely grind a game to a halt (shadow witches have magic, hexes, and control over troops … a bit more in their pockets imo like most advanced troop types).

Let’s look at what might generate those clocks (and when you don’t want to apply them). Think about the fiction … if they were downed with one shot before, now the troops may have limited effect. So it might take two volleys, risking two consequences. Or because armor is actually very effective on black shot… maybe the 8-clock shows up when all the troops have is black shot and nothing to deal with said armor. I’m sure the QM will use alchemists/laborers to get some new type of piercing bullet to counter this but until then play it by ear.

If a bunch of crows with high quality steel bolts that use some clockwork in crossbows for extra punch ambush rookies… they may do an extra level of harm (Threat 2! Suddenly unexpected!) but still go down in one hit because they’re sneaking around and not in heavy armor so bullets hit them just as hard.

The advice I always give is follow the fiction. Oh, and try not to grind the pace into the dirt by making everything be multiple clocks.

I know it’s easier to say “always 8-clock” or “never 8-clocks” but it’s a bit more context dependent than that. I trust your GM-gut. Go with it.


Thanks for the answers, I will use 8 clocks for Rotters and Crows when appropiate.