More actual play!

It was one of our Gamedays yesterday, and I convinced 5 other folks to do one of the intro missions for the first part of their day. And, we, for better or worse, streamed it. Our audience is usually video game peeps, so we do a fair amount of talking through background and mechanics for stuff, but I promise at some point we get into actual play :slight_smile:

I made a bunch of mistakes (like completely forgetting about the rest of the rookies in the squad, from a narrative standpoint) but HOLY SHIT THIS GAME IS FUN TO RUN. The crew got the mechanics very quickly, and the way the mechanics just flow in the narrative really allows it to shine.

Now to just find more time to keep playing. If you are interested in how we approached starting and playing there are two archived videos on out channel:


This is pretty rad to hear :smiley: I wasn’t free yesterday morning to watch (saw your tweets) but I’ll take a gander at some point soon.

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“Later, at the beginning of each mission, we’ll make a roll to see how f$cked you are.”

Pretty apt description of the engagement roll. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: