More Plainsworth Missions

Here are a few missons I generated for Plainsworth:

Operation Silver Pitfall, Supply
As the Cinderkings forces approach Plainsworth law and order is breaking down and elders are fighting an uphill battle to maintain order in the town. Even the towns constables have been caught pilfering grain from the store and selling it on the thriving black market to the most desperate refugees. The Elders have approached the Legion as they want an outside party to guard the towns granary long enough for them formulate a strategy to secure more food for the refugees.
Rewards: +2 Supply
Penalties: -1 Supply

Operation Urban Sea, Special Religious Favor: Glory, Holy
In Plainsworth the bells are tolling, and the smithies have fallen silent. At night, the Shrine to Mattiar can be seen burning and people are whispering about bad omens. Priests have reluctantly told the Legion that undead forces have pillaged the shrine and might have found out about a secret hoped kept forever. When Mattiar was broken a smith favored by him threw his hammer to the bottom of a salt mine in a fit of molten metal insanity. There are rumors that the hammer was made by Mattiars Chosen himself and now the Cinderkings forces are searching for it.
Rewards: +2 Morale, Hammer of Mattiar: Take 2 corruption and level 1 Harm for burns to use the hammer. Metal superheats and melts under the hammerblow but also burns the wielders hands and can induce molten metal insanity visions in the wielder.
Penalties: -1 Morale, +1 Pressure

Operation Triangle Gambit, Assault
The tactical withdrawal from the Western Front was a success but soldiers are still straggling from the front. Captain Athaulf is fighting a bitter advance to the rear action and needs urgent help. An old ruined Watchtower from the Old Empire days is the only defensible landmark between them and Plainsworth and the Legion have been ordered to fortify it and hold it for as long as Captain Athaulf needs.
Rewards: +2 Morale, -1 time
Penalties: +1 Pressure, +1 time


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