More random questions

  1. On the Lorekeeper sheet there is an entry for “Initial Legion Values” which reads:

Cross out one option from each of the three morale categories for the Back at Camp lists on the Skydagger Keep sheet. Tell everyone how the lessons learned at Ettenmark have shaped the Legion’s current values.

What is the intended effect of “crossing out” an option from the morale categories? Is this supposed to represent the things the Legion absolutely won’t do? Or is this supposed to represent things they’ve done? Can you “cross out” a Back at Camp event that has multiple dots?

  1. What are the Knowledge Favored Missions and Favors intended for? None of the Chosen can grant favor from Knowledge.

  2. When you receive Soldiers from the boosted Recruitment Campaign Action or as a reward from a Special Mission, do you build these Soldiers as advanced Rookies or like Specialists?

  3. Do NPC Rookies who go on Primary missions receive XP or have a chance to advance?

  1. Yep. It’s what the legion won’t do.
  2. Orite chosen. There isn’t one yet.
  3. Talk to your table and make a ruling (we do like specialists).
  4. No. Only specialists gain xp from secondary missions. Rookies are mentioned nowhere in that. Bear in mind this would be an awful amount of paperwork (including having to have tons of rookie sheets onhand).
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Sorry to Necro this, but the #4 question was regarding NPC Rookies on Primary missions and the answer was towards Rookies on Secondary missions.

I believe the answer is also that NPC Rookies do not gain XP on primary missions but I wanted to make sure the question as asked was answered.

Mah bad. If they’re NPCs (aka no sheet, not played) they do not.