Music for Band of Blades

Last night I was reading Band of Blades while listening to The Party Camp from the Dragon Age: Origins sound track. I found it to be a perfect pairing :grin:.

Does anyone else have any music they think would work well with BoB?

I really like The Politics And The Life (AKA the music from that live-action Halo: ODST trailer) as a mood-setter, and The Cruel Wars as an encapsulation of the feeling of the Legion.


I was thinking about:

Texas Rising
John Adams Theme Song
Sharpes Ending Theme

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If I still played music in my games I would play Death Wish by Force of Nature when an infamous broke thier lines or a lieutenant showed up.

I listened to a ton of metal while working on this. I think most prominently Unleash the Archers (special kudos to Demons of the Astrowaste), Battle Beast, Frozen Crown, and Beast in Black. For whatever reason making weird black splattery art and thinking of undead works with that in my brain—I have no idea if it would work for anyone else.


DarkestDungeon soundtrack. It’s grim and feels militaristic, works relatively well on repeat before it gets old.


The Action Reaction track from the Wonder Woman soundtrack. Actually, most of the soundtrack works for me.

CCR and The Who

I’ll add: I Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger

Sabaton. That’s it.

I fully agree with the advice on Darkest Dungeon OST. It works as a charm since it is specifically designed for a game that has very similar story archs as a BoB session.

Nonetheless, it is true that Heavy Metal also works good. Not exactly as a background, but for inspirational purposes. For example, there was quite a gap between the first session we had and the second session, so I created the following video to warm up before we got together to play.
I made some subtitles in English so you guys can enjoy it. You must agree that the metal background is what just fits:

The soundtrack from the HBO series Chernobyl is pretty spot-on, tone-wise.

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Using The Horned One? Try Heilung

Also of interest is the Witcher 3 soundtrack.

The dlcs are also really good.

Very true. I think Chernobyl is great for Blighter and the same artist did The Joker soundtrack and that fits Render real well. I’m toying with the NieR:Automata soundtrack for various themes, particularly mourning scenes.

The mines

Honestly in my head our Band of Blades campaign has become a Disney movie :joy: song and dance!!

Currently GM’ing a campaign over Discord where I use the Rythm bot, and I go for any of Cryochambers tracks on Youtube I feel are dark and ambient enough for what the players are doing on the mission. My players have ended up with taking a lot of missions revolving around going underground in tombs and mines and Cryochamber sets the perfect tone.

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