So, a ghost can possess a living person, feed off of them and ultimately become a vampire. There are other things in the ghost field are not and never where human. One wonders what might happen if one of those things possessed a human, and what sort of delicious fun might result if it drained the human long enough to become a vampire.

Your thoughts?


The short answer is we would need to figure that out at the table with input from the Players and GM. We just started BitD and are through the 4th session, so we are still in the beginning of sandbox world building.

My main question would be ‘what makes them different’? You are saying they are a Vampire so doesn’t that just make them a Vampire (albeit with a different back story and motivations)?

Are they an Ectoplasmic Entity? Are they a Demon or Devil?

Those are the questions I would ask at the table and we would world build from there.

Well, statistically it could be similar to a vampire. But vampires, at least as I understand them, have fundamentally human motivations. If the possessing entity in question were a ‘forgotten god’ it very likely ( but not necessarily) would not. Also, a fundamentally inhuman worldview could easily impact what sort of abilities it might have.

I’m not intending this to be a playbook, but rather a new type of threat. One that could be either a powerful minion for a cult ( “sacred berserker??” ) or powerful mastermind ( H.P. Lovecraft’s “Nyarlathotep” ) - but is scary nonetheless because it defies PC expectations.

How would you handle it?

The way I typically handle these things is to put a few bullet points to an idea then see if any of those bullets trigger through “play to find out” at the table. If they trigger, I would take note then flesh it out further between sessions.

In this case, I would start with the fact that this is some type of Electroplasmic Entity that is non-human with a fundamentally non-human view of the world (perhaps a Horror, page 252 in the rule book?). Therefor, I would say it came into Doskvol with no real intent to interact with humans:

  • ignores people
  • seeks to interact with Plasm
  • open/close Electroplasmic gates
  • destroy lighting towers (because they are an unnatural channeling of Plasm?)
  • damage Leviathan Hunter Ships (because they harm the Plasmic balance?)

So it would be going after the towers or ships. Not the people. The way people could be involved:

  • Neighborhood citizen Factions could be agitated by neighborhoods going dark.
  • Blue coats or Inspectors are ordered to deal with the situation.
  • Do the Sparkwrights, Spirit Wardens or Leviathan Hunters get involved?

Bottom line. Decide what its Motivations are. It could actually be more or less dangerous depending on what it is actually doing. The “interacts with Plasm” bullet could open up a huge possibility of motivations, actions and fiction.

Those are just some thoughts and I may have strayed from what you were wanting. If it is a minion for a cult or a powerful mastermind be careful not to start giving it human motivations (at least if you really want to keep it non-human).


I’d probably portray it similiar to the character of Illyria from the TV show Angel. Illyria is an “Old One” stuck in a human body.

There’d probably be some initial time after possession trying to figue out how to move about in their new body. I imagine the body feeling significantly limiting to such a being, so there’d be an adjustment period. Maybe there’s even a period where the being has no concept of certain things, like physical harm. Whatever its motivations, the way it goes about achieving them it going to be colored by it also figuring out what being in the physical world is like.

I also like the idea that such a being would never choose to be in a body because it’s so limiting compared to its normal state of being. In that case, maybe a cult pulled it into a body through a ritual, and now it’s trapped. If the body dies, it dies, so it’s on a mission so free itself from the chains of the flesh.