My Band of Blades models

So I’ve finally finished printing and painting the models we’re gonna use for this next in person game (whenever that is). Since I got my resin printer last year I’ve been subscribed to some model patreons and I’ve found a bunch that I think fit the themes here pretty well. Decided that this Zora’s gonna have a flaming hammer instead of a sword.

You can probably tell which models I started first and gradually got better as I learned some better painting techniques. Until now I haven’t painted models since high school. Thought I’d post these here to show em off.

Does anyone else have any models they’ve used before? Printed or bought? I’d love to see them


Holy cow I’ve never seen minis used before. This is SO COOL.

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Glad you like it!

We don’t do anything too crazy with them, just using them on maps to help people visualize where everyone is at.

I’m pretty happy with how the Crows turned out. I’m no 3D artist or anything but I was able to figure out how to slap plaguedoctor masks onto ninjas and they came out perfectly.