Mythos in the Dark

So I am working on a Hack of Blades in the Dark to do HP Lovecraft type horror.

I have been giving it a lot a thought on why this would be a good fit. So usually investigators in this kind of horror often never get what they want exactly, either cultists harass them, either thoughts permeate there minds.

But also the free play section resembles the investigation of one of these stories, in which the protagonists will attract the attention those that they are researching, cults, powerful entities, madmen, etc.

The Score which I think works as Encounter, so this is confronting the cult, entering the tomb, excessing the spirit, etc. And this is also where you get your payoff.

The Payoff is additional understanding of the Mythos, and Mythos becomes something you can roll.
But this lowers your stress so you will experience more trauma (phobias, compulsions, etc).

I also don’t want Playbooks as I think they don’t work for this, as characters come from a very wide variety of backgrounds. So someone has instead a series of approaches to an issue, based on there background. But I haven’t worked out quiet how to do this.

The Crew sheet I want to get away from as well. But it will be replaces by something that defines the scope of your investigations, either geographically (so Arkham county) or against an Entity that could result in global trotting, or on a ship (or a train :D)

anyway this is my starting points, but any feedback, suggestions for places that may help me I would be very grateful.



How’s it going with Mythos in the Dark? I’ve been searching for this setting in the FitD ruleset. When you get further along, I’d be happy to playtest.