Near Future / Cyberpunk-ish Hack

I thought I’d give another update. I will be changing the name of my hack from Disposable Heroes to ADRENALINE. It can be played either as a present day game or near future setting. Near future is “cyberpunkish” I’m placing less of an emphasis on the oppressive and dark aspects. Think more along the lines of Ocean’s 11, Fast & Furious, or Mission Impossible with cyberware.

I’m working on some of the “fluff” now, with short setting pieces for Miami, London, Paris, Prague, and Lahore. I’m hoping to add Istanbul and a couple of other cities. These are all being co-designed by locals!

I am obviously missing Asia & SE Asia… I will likely also build a bigger San Francisco-San Jose guide.

I won’t have the fluff done, but I hope to post the most recent draft of the rules next week.


I’m adding Milan and Tirana (Albania).

A present day Blades? (more or less) What will you be doing for with Turf? Doesn’t seem like the Ocean’s XX people are the kind who control street corners :stuck_out_tongue:
And what kinds or crew types are we talking?

I haven’t read the Disposable Heroes rules, too busy with our Glow campaign :wink:

I’m definitely following this with interest. At some point I want to do a Forged in the Dark version of Night’s Black Agents - the Dracula Dossier, in particular - and this looks like a good hack for it.

I have 3 crew types for now. Mercenaries, Scoundrels and throttle hoppers. O think my favorite crew special ability is for Scoundrels - Vagabinds, you travel from city to city- what is your schtick.

I’ll eventually add at least one more crew type - rebels.

Claims are more focused on players setting crew goals.

That would be great - I’d also love to do a proper like that or the Armitage Files. I think Aitage is better - less overwhelming.

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