New Factions

So i have written a bunch of new factions for the campaign i am in, so i figured i would share. i will post them in sections. here are ones i made for the Docks district. later on i will post a formatted document with all of them.

The Aries Family are an Akorosian and Severosi clan of merchants and laborers, who raised a successful business in the docks out of nothing. They own several wharfs and boathouses, as well as a few boats. Their business is mostly legitimate, but they gained their success by taking advantage of every opportunity, ethical or not.
Appius Aries is the middle-aged head of the family, overseeing all their business, and keeping their children & cousins in line.
Laela Brit-Aries is the elderly Severosi matriarch, Appius’ mother. She married the late Stanislao Aries, bringing their two families together, and making them a power in the Docks
Daido Aries is the nephew of Appius, in charge of the family’s operations in the field, particularly those less than ethical.
Zabette Aries is Appius’ daughter, managing the business’s finances and paperwork. Kallias Brit is Laela’s nephew, a former sailor, and the family’s hitman & bullyboy.
Allies: Dockers, Sailors
Enemies: Badgers
Faction Clock: increase in tier

The Blue Rose Distillery in the Docks is a well known producer of spirits and wines, recently saved from economic collapse by the mysterious new owners. They now produce various potions and elixirs, serving locations in the Docks, Silkshore, and even Nightmarket. In addition to producing alcohol and potions, their trade obscures a smuggling operation, specializing in alchemicals, poisons, and ghosts.
Mariel Tremblay is the enigmatic businesswoman who recently acquired the Blue Rose. No one had heard of her until a year ago, and her background is unknown.
Elouan Stroud is Tremblay’s shadowy partner, and a skilled whisper. He deals with the Blue Rose’s business in the underworld. Stroud may have connections with the Nightfists.
Allies: Dockers, The Hive
Enemies: Badgers
Faction Clock: ally with Reconciled, increase in tier

The Badgers are a newer gang of manipulators and extortionists. They have somehow managed to sustain a pirate business model. They own a couple businesses in the docks, rather than simply extorting them.
Witty Willey is the wiley leader of the Badgers, a former sailor; he secured their burst of success by his acute business acumen.
Allies: Sailors
Enemies: Aries Family, Dockers, Dock Ducks
Faction Clock: make war on the Dock Ducks and increase in tier

The Dock Ducks are a cheap gang of street thugs and bullyboys. They are a strangely persistant annoyance to the other gangs of the Docks.
Jekyll Towner is a docker, and the leader of the Ducks. He recruits thugs from among the dockers.
Eliav Gage is the proprietor of the Mulled Mallard, a popular pub among dockers and sailors. He makes sure that his customers are not caught in trouble caused by the Ducks, and that he and the Mallard maintain deniability.
Allies: Dockers
Enemies: Aries Family, Badgers
Faction Clock: make war on the Badgers and strengthen hold

The Vultures are an up-and-coming smuggling outfit. Based in the Docks, they smuggle contraband along northern routes in their small steamship Courser, and in client ships.
Allies: Dockers, Sailors, Lampblacks
Enemies: Bluecoats (canal patrol), Foghounds
Faction Clock: expand to Crow’s Foot and increase in tier

the vultures were mentioned in the book, but had no blurb about them

more forthcoming


Part 2, yet more factions:

The Surgeons Guild is a well-reputed union of physickers, who serve the moderately wealthy of Brightstone and Charterhall. They are the best surgeons in Duskwall, after those of the Imperial Military, and possess Duskwall’s only library of medical texts. The Guild is chiefly known for providing ships with Master Surgeons. The Guild wants to be adopted as a college of Charterhall University, but academic politics keeps them out. They cannot join Duskwall Academy, as they are not nobility, and as Duskwall Academy is home to the Military surgeons. Their guild hall is located on Poultice Street, in the Brightstone corner of Six Towers
Master Lorne is the Guildmaster and chief surgeon.
Hengist Kumar is a master burglar, and captain of the Guilds gang of thieves, expert in stealing bodies before the Spirit Wardens can get to them.
Allies: Leviathan Hunters
Enemies: the Botanic Guild, Imperial Military, Charterhall University, Spirit Wardens
Faction Clock: Open a surgery in the Docks

The Botanic Guild is a leader in the production of useful plants and alchemical components, which they sell widely to physickers and alchemists. For the most part, they do not compete with alchemists, but sell only raw materials, although some physickers and alchemists are members of the Botanic Guild. The Guild wants to become a college of Charterhall University, but are kept out by Jayan Hall of Alchemy, who see them as rivals.
Master Baltazar Baines is a skilled alchemist and the Guild’s Master Botanist. Ila Rossini is a physicker and master of poisons.
Marlon Hauss is the chief go-between for sales of botanical materials, and is said to have connections with the drug gangs of Duskwall.
Allies: Grinders
Enemies: Surgeons Guild, Jayan Hall of Alchemy, Imperial Alchemists
Faction Clock: Establish an apothecary in Nightmarket

The Longhands are a gang of master thieves, expert at burgling both noble houses and official institutions. They specialize in acquiring secrets from their enemies, which they sell or use for economic advantage. They are patronized by House Vichenza (from u/RedClone’s noble houses, from reddit), and serve them by corporate espionage and burglary against rival banks.
Bosque is the leader of the Longhands and an expert at planning the most unlikely of undetected burglaries.
Allies: House Vichenza
Enemies: House Agnello
Faction Clock: Burgle Rowan House

Murmur is a mysterious figure, expert at manipulating Duskwall’s bureaucratic systems. He is actively coercing many officials, gaining information to use against them, offering favors to indebt poor fools to himself. He only ever appears wearing a mask, when he appears at all; his victims mostly hear from him in coded notes or signals, or in the sound of their careers being killed; but scouting suggests he is a barrister, or lawyer of some sort. He is a successful information broker.
Throat is Murmur’s only known confidant, and an elite intelligence agent. He is believed to be a traitorous Inspector, but his identity is a mystery.
Allies: House Clelland
Enemies: House Clelland, City Council, Inspectors

next, i will post factions that were alluded to in the core book, but were not explicated.


here are some factions only named in the book, which didnt have blurbs about them.

House Bowmore (tier 2) is a family on the City Council. they financed Bowmore Bridge centuries ago and now holds many positions of power. The Bowmore House still controls one of the original six towers, a veritable fortress.
Lady Bowmore is a member of the City Council.
Commander Bowmore is the Chief Officer of the Watch in Brightstone.
Allies: House Rowan, House Clelland, Bluecoats
Enemies: House Strangford, Path of Echoes
Faction Clock: Remove Strangford from Council

House Dunvil (tier 2) is a family on the City Council and owns Dunvil Labor Camp in Dunslough, where prisoners and debtors work, mining in the Mire.
Lady Dunvil is a member of the City Council.
Preceptor Dunvil is a powerful Magister in the Church of Ecstasy.
Captain Dunvil is the Chief Officer of the Crow’s Foot division of the City Watch
Allies: Ironhook Prison, Church of Ecstasy
Enemies: Spirit Wardens, Path of Echoes, the Reconciled
Faction Clock: establish chapel of Ecstasy in Dunslough

House Strangford (tier 3) owns many of the factories and workhouses in Charhollow, and is a powerful family in the City Council. They also operate one of the largest leviathan hunter fleets. Their grand, fenced estate perches in the hill of a private island overlooking the district of Charhollow.
Lord Strangford is an ex-leviathan hunter captain, who operates one of the largest leviathan hunter fleets, serves on the City Council and is a high-ranking member of the secret order within the Church of Ecstasy
Allies: Church of Ecstasy, Leviathan Hunters
Enemies: House Rowan, Gray Cloaks
Faction Clock: regain Council support

House Clelland (tier 2) is a council family with deep ties to the City Watch.
Lord Clelland is a member of the City Council
Commander Clelland is the corrupt Chief Commissioner of the Watch
Allies: House Bowmore, House Rowan, Bluecoats
Enemies: House Strangford, Path of Echoes
Faction Clock: establish tolls between Crow’s Foot and Charterhall

House Rowan (tier 3) is powerful Council family and resides in one of the last of the original six towers, a veritable fortress.
Lord Rowan is a member of the City Council
Elder Rowan is a high-ranking Magister in the Church of Ecstasy.
Allies: House Clelland, House Bowmore, Church of Ecstasy, Spirit Wardens
Enemies: House Strangford, Path of Echoes, the Reconciled, House Agnello
Faction Clock: establish an order of zealous Magister Spirit Wardens

The Path of Echoes (tier 3) is a mystery cult that borders on open rebellion against spirit laws. They revere the ancients, and seek to gain knowledge from the past— including consorting with ghosts.
Lord Penderyn is the Chief Scholar of the Archive of Echoes, authorized by the Emperor to keep a collection of ancient ghosts trapped in spirit bottles, to be consulted in cases where knowledge from the distant past would benefit the operation of the Imperial government. Lord Penderyn also consults the spirits on his own volition, forming the rebellious Path of Echoes society for other elites and nobles who seek communion with the spectral realm.
Vinicia Blackwood is a scion of the minor noble house of Blackwood, and a renowned (yet secret) member of the Path of Echoes.
Allies: the Circle of Flame, House Penderyn, The Reconciled
Enemies: the Church of Ecstasy, Spirit Wardens, House Rowan
Faction Clock: infiltrate House Colleri

The lost children and unwanted orphans of Crow’s Foot inevitably pass through the halls of Strathmill House (tier 2). Some are cared for and trained for jobs at the docks or the workhouses of Coalridge. Others are quietly instructed in the arts of the lookouts and runners used by the gangs of the district—all for a small fee to Strathmill House, of course.
Madame Gisella is the headmistress of Strathmill House, and the mastermind of its criminal training enterprise.
Master Adair is the House’s taskmaster, preparing the orphans for the world of city labor.
Master Harper is the resident expert in illicit business, training those chosen youngsters in the art of criminal enterprise, from running messages for local gangs to performing acts of grand burglary.
Allies: Crows
Enemies: i dunno
Faction Clock: Increase scale and quality of criminal training and operations

The process of refining leviathan blood into electroplasm is a carefully guarded imperial secret, known only to the Imperial Alchemists (tier 4), and the agents of the Emperor. The refineries in Duskwall are kept carefully insulated, all movements closely controlled. The imperial alchemists also work with the Ministry of Preservation in the development of official alchemicals.
(insert name) is the Chief Alchemist of Duskwall’s refineries.
(insert name) is an imperial Inspector who oversees Duskwall’s refineries, and keeps imperial secrets contained, with his team of elite agents. Though he is an inspector, he answers directly to the Imperial City, and so has a closer connection with the Imperial Military than with Duskwall’s Inspectors.
Allies: Inspectors, Imperial Military, Ministry of Preservation, Leviathan Hunters
Enemies: Grinders, Blue Rose

Bellweather Crematorium (tier 3) is the site of the spirit bells and the rookery for the deathseeker crows. Bodies recovered by the Spirit Wardens are incinerated in electroplasm here to destroy their ghosts.
Serapis is a Spirit Warden, who oversees the Crematorium. He has dictatorial power over all operations, but mostly commands the Spirit Wardens who daily deliver bodies to be immolated, and protects the mortuary and the city from the ghosts that inevitably break loose.
The Head Coroner runs the operations of the Crematorium, and employs whispers and rail jacks as morticians, to perform the morgue’s labor.
The Master Rooker is a Spirit Warden and the keeper of the Deathseeker Crows, housed in the crowcote of Bellweather’s tower. In case of emergencies, the deathseeker crows can be commanded to rapidly consume a body, killing the ghost.
Allies: Spirit Wardens, Rail Jacks, the Church of Ecstasy.
Enemies: The Reconciled, the Path of Echoes

next, i will post some occult factions


Really useful and inspiring, thank you!

Looking forward to see the final formatted document :slight_smile:
(possibly, with Tiers for the new factions as well?)

glad you like! yes, they have tiers, i just forgot to paste them in this post, and it wont let me edit it anymore.

here are some occult factions

The Red House (tier unknown) is a secret club for whispers and their ilk. It is host to a variety of arcane business, and is accessible only by one of several ghost doors, which move about Duskwall and disappear. It occasionally hosts auctions of arcane artifacts. Everyone in the club wears a mask, except in private meeting rooms, but the Red House is uncanny in its ability to avoid unwanted guests.
Lord Ekateros is the friendly host of the Red House (whose name does not appear in any public records). He is said to be a powerful arcanist. The Housekeeper is the elusive enforcer of the House’s security and order, and ensures the proper running of the establishment.
Sam is the name given to any of the uniformed manservants of the Red House.
Herne is a hunter tasked with the security of the House’s secrets out in Duskwall. His two grey owls, Dachtylo and Anticher, are known to kill the occasional inquisitive deathseeker crow.
Allies: the Cabbies, the Reconciled
Enemies: the Dimmer Sisters, the Spirit Wardens

The Brasshats (tier 1) are a renowned crew of Rail Jacks, known for rarely losing men on the job and for defending trains from record numbers of ghosts. They are also thugs and mercenaries, who work as ghost-hunters within Duskwall, but will sometimes dip into extortion. They are known to occasionally unleash captured ghosts against their rivals. They have their own hidden agenda, which may be involved with the Rail Jacks’ push for a union.
Yorg Brasshat is the leader of the Brasshats. He serves as his crew’s Grappler.
Grimsby Ironstache is Yorg’s lieutenant. He is a former train conductor, skilled in sparkcraft.
Siobhan ‘Whiteknuckles’ is another lieutenant. She is known for her ghost-fighting ability, and serves as the crew’s Hammer.
‘Boot’ is a silent and mysterious enforcer. He serves as the crew’s Anchor.
Allies: the Rail Jacks
Enemies: the Spirit Wardens, the City Council
Faction Clock: Establish a hideout in Lost District

The Blackfires (tier 2) are a gang of ghosts, brought together in a pact to achieve prolonged undeath by violent means.
Genadi is a ghost, and the leader and founder of the Blackfires. He has been dead for almost a decade, and is thus extremely skilled at avoiding detection and staying alive undead.
Ash Alfero is a vampire, and almost as long dead as Genadi. He handles most of the Blackfire’s mortal social business.
Nyssa and Marcus are two hollows used by the Blackfires to move about Duskwall undetected. They are almost constantly inhabited by at least six ghosts.
Enemies: the Dimmer Sisters, the Spirit Wardens
Faction Clock: make alliance with the Reconciled

The late Lord Kostadin Vinogradov (tier 0) is a powerful arcanist, but a poor noble and the last of the dying House Vinogradov. He was kidnapped and killed by the Epimetheans on the orders of Lady Adelaide Phroaig, and delivered to her ‘kind attentions’. He was rescued by the Epimetheans, and established an unexpected partnership with Adelaide, whom he helped infiltrate the Unseen. It is unknown whether he maintains the contacts he had while alive. Former member of the Stygian Ring
Finley is the child ghost of a long-dead friend of Vinogradov, whom Vinogradov has kept safe for decades. Finley now resides in a metal cat-shaped hull.
Allies: Adelaide Phroiag, Fenger
Enemies: The Unseen, Adelaide Phroiag, Lord Scurlock
Faction Clock: Infiltrate the Unseen and Spirit Wardens via Adelaide

Sabaz (tier 0) is a renegade Spirit Warden, and a powerful whisper. He is old, wizened, and stooped, and was renowned among the Spirit Wardens prior to his defection. He is truly expert at hiding himself, and is almost never seen. The Wardens don’t truly expect to find him, though certain of them are entrusted with the task. His reasons for leaving the Wardens, and his agenda are unknown, but he will occasionally hire a discreet whisper for some arcane job or another.
Dwimmer is Sabaz’s lean, black greyhound. He is arrow-swift, and can almost supernaturally disappear into the darkness of Duskwall’s streets. He is also a vampire, bound with the ghost of another Spirit Warden, killed while defecting with Sabaz.
Enemies: Spirit Wardens, Inspectors
Faction Clock: Track down Red Spirit Wardens

The Tongues of Smoke (tier 1) are a small cult, infamous 10 years ago for obtaining the Hand of Kotar. However, they fell out of prominence, and the Hand’s location is unknown.
Faustia Varnham is a skilled con-artist and sneak, founder of the Tongues before her death 10 years ago. After her suspicious death, she was captured by Lord Scurlock, who kept her for a decade before she was rescued by the Epimetheans. She no longer associates with the Tongues
Myrto Meir is a member of the minor noble house of Meir, and a member of the Circle of Flame. After Varnham’s death, Meir took over the Tongues and allied them with the Circle.
Agathinus Blackwood is a scion of the minor noble house of Blackwood.
Allies: Circle of Flame
Enemies: Lord Scurlock, Circle of Flame
Faction Clock: strengthen hold

Fenger (tier 0) is a mysterious and powerful mentalist. He appears to people at impossible times, and disappears in an instant, and has never been touched. He has contacts in the very heart of many factions, and employs whispers to do work for him; he has even trained some of them. Former member of the Stygian Ring
Allies: Vinogradov, the Reconciled, Red House
Enemies: The Unseen, House Phroiag, Circle of Flame, Spirit Wardens

The Stygian Ring (disbanded) is a former occult society comprised of five powerful mentalists and whispers. They disbanded twenty years ago under unknown circumstances. They would meet in the Swan of Blood club, but never in person.
Lord Kostadin Vinogradov is a powerful arcanist, but a poor noble and the last of the dying House Vinogradov. He has since died and become a ghost.
Fenger is a mysterious and powerful mentalist who appears to people at impossible times, and disappears in an instant, and has never been touched.
Mother Corrigan was a Magister of the Church of Ecstasy, and a ghastly witch. She is a magician of unknown abilities. She has since founded the Briarwort Abbey.
Narya Stroud was a ghost and assassin. In life, she founded the Nightfists, and in death trained her son Elouan. She has since been destroyed.
Lord Scurlock is an ancient noble, said to be immortal. Possibly a vampire. Obsessed with arcane secrets.
Enemies: Circle of Flame, Spirit Wardens

next, i will post factions of the Lost District

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another set of factions, and the last for now, is a few factions of the Lost District.

so, of course, the 2 maybe most powerful factions who operate in the Lost District are the Deathlands Scavengers and the Silver Nails, but they are covered in the book.

The Moss Men (tier 1) are an order of clerics of a growing deathlands cult. They serve some of the same functions as the Spirit Wardens, disposing of the dead, and protecting the people from the supernatural. They wear Dread Spirit Masks, and have the ability to produce supernatural fright in enemies. It is rumored that they can even frighten ghosts. The faction within Duskwall, based in the Six Towers and the Lost District, consider themselves missionaries and forerunners of the rising up of nature against the scourge of industrialized civilisation, particularly those practitioners of Duskwall’s abominable spiritual practices. They secretly plot against the Spirit Wardens, and chip away at the establishment wherever they can, gathering proselytes along the way.
Gorgo is the leader of the Duskwall Moss Men. He is expert at battling ghosts. The Moss Men capture and breed rock doves, which Gorgo prepares and uses against a ghost; the dove, one released, will forcibly absorb the ghost, and will then be trapped while the dove and ghost are destroyed.
Snaketongue is a magician, alchemist, and botanist. He carries bags of spores and fungal material, which he can cause at will to grow rapidly, namely that fungus used by Moss Men to destroy bodies and the ghosts inside. He also carries bags of Black Salt, which the Moss Men use to repel ghosts.
Arga is expert at battling the living. She carries an arcane sword of bone, and large poisoned darts, which she can throw with great precision.
Allies: Deathlands Scavengers
Enemies: Spirit Wardens, Church of Ecstasy, the Reconciled, Briarwort Abbey
Faction Clock: gain acolytes and rise in tier

The Nightfists (tier 1) are a mysterious group of whispers and assassins, based in the Lost District. It is unknown how they enter and move about Duskwall. They are disguised and protected by their characteristic breathing masks.
Grigoris is the leader of the Nightfists, and a legendary assassin and whisper.
Nasseer is Grigoris’ lieutenant.
Haig is one of the founding members, and a mentor to Grigoris.
Faction Clock: ally or make war with Briarwort Abbey

The Briarwort Abbey (tier 1) is a ghastly coven of witches based in the Lost District.
Mother Corrigan is Briarwort’s Abbess, an aging former Magister of the Church of Ecstasy. She is apparently crazy, and is a magician of unknown abilities. Former member of the Stygian Ring.
Sister Iris is Mother Corrigan’s favored initiate. She is trusted with leading the Abbey’s mysterious occult operations.
Allies: Lord Scurlock
Enemies: the Spirit Wardens, Deathlands Scavengers, Mossmen, Silver Nails
Faction Clock: gain proselytes among Deathlands Scavengers

next, i will post a formatted document with all my factions and more.


This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing your original factions and for sleuthing out the data on the canon ones. When you share your info, will t be in a Google doc/MS Word doc or in a spreadsheet form? I ask because I’d love to import it into the AirTable database I’ve built for factions for my campaign.

If any of the factions I’ve created for my Coalridge game are of value to you or anyone else, help yourselves :slight_smile:

here is the formatted document

Here are a total of 44 factions not in the core book. 25 are original, 12 are mentioned but not expounded in the core book, 1 is inspired by zoological survey illustrations, and 6 are adapted from factions by u/redclone’s factions on reddit.

This also includes a larger faction sheet with the new factions (for a total of 117 factions), one with the core book factions, and another blank, plus all three in ledger size.

i have included a pdf and an affinity publisher document.

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Very, very nice! Looks like it might have been produced using a spiffy mail merge? Is there a csv or xls file that fed the mail merge? Thanks for doing all this work!

i actually created it right in the pdf. i didnt think to do it in a spreadsheet. making a nice format first helps get the creative juices flowing.

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Ah! As I am aesthetically challenged, I always put things in spreadsheets :). But I love how your stuff came out. It is WAY more inspiring than my AirTable layouts. I should look if there are cool ways to make AirTable look spiffier.

AirTable might have some add-on or script to do a mail merge. But even if it doesn’t, one can easily and quickly download an AirTable table as a .csv , and then do a mail merge with MS Word.
In fact, that’s just what I did yesterday in order to be able to physically print out paulgsilva’s factions (for my personal use obviously).

These are awesome! I made up a few for my cult game-feel free to use them if you’d like :grinning:

The Troglodytes of Black Coral
Tier: I (Hold: Strong)
Faction Clocks
Seize Turf on the Surface 0/6
Summon Balus and Thancrus 0/8
Turf: A small, partially underwater cave network just outside the lightning field south of Silkshore (HQ).
NPCs: Yrs (High Priest Ambitious, Insular, Terrifying), Ekl (Champion, Alien, Devoted, Vicious) Alm (Young, Peppy, Disguised)
Notable Assets: Several sets of clay tablets, encoded with arcane secrets. Several augers. Pressure and cold resistant bodies. Fangs, claws and teeth to spare.
Quirks: All Troglodytes are completely amphibious. Their bite inflicts a pleasant euphoric state on its victims. Trogs don’t produce ghosts when they die. Why?
Allies: Balus & Thancrus (The Forgotten Gods), House Clave (Leviathan Hunters)
Enemies: Gondoliers, Citizenry of the Docks, Sailors,
Situation: Believed by those at the Academy to be the descendants of those who Skovs who first settled in Duskvol. But who really knows. They could be fish that ate too many people or people who ate too much fish for all the mind people pay them these days. The truth, like most things in the water, is a mystery that nobody is too sure to find out.

Pickett House
Tier: II (Hold: Weak)
Faction Clocks
Bought by Madame Tessyln 0/4
Mr. Pickett is healed 0/6
Turf: Pickett House, a three-story brothel in Silkshore (HQ). The sidewalks, canals and corners bordering 1105 Sweetwater street.
NPCs: Madame Picket (Witch, Experienced, Sophisticated, Haunted), Mr. Pickett (Owner, Crippled, Defiant, Possessed)
Notable Assets: Several ritually prepared “Love Potions”, a daunting number of blades. The basement of Pickett House contains a Ritual Sanctum. A full brothel’s worth of tenacious working girls.
Allies: Cabbies, The Dimmer Sisters
Enemies: Madame Tessyln (The Circle of Flame), Bluecoats of Nightmarket
Situation: Madame Pickett eschewed the life of a noble for that of a more honest living, empathizing with the plight of the common strumpet. It was a path that would see her marry one Georgi Pickett. Disaster struck when, in a bid to increase their brothel’s standing, her commoner husband’s health was gravely imperiled by… something. Or at least that’s how the rumors go. Some say it was the beautiful Madame Tesslyn of the competing Redlamp Brothel that crippled Mr. Pickett. Why did Ms. Pickett give up her old life? What is responsible Mr. Pickett’s condition?

The Brewer’s Guild
Tier: II (Hold: Weak)
Faction Clocks
Pay off Debts to Brogan 0/6
Establish speakeasies in Silkshore 0/6 (repeating)
Turf: The Gumdrop in Silkshore (HQ). A radiant eel farm. An extensive warehouse complex underneath the Gumdrop that houses mushroom gardens and eel breeding pens.
NPCs: Dr. Foster (Guild Master, Master Alchemist, Alcoholic, Calculating, Learned), Journeyman Brewer Bartle (“Quality Assessor”, Cunning, Undercover, Thug) Master Thorrow (Eelery Overseer, Cold, Mystic, Aloof)
Notable Assets: A unique breed of radiant eels, known for the variable color of their emanations. Several hidden stockpiles of alchemicals disguised as brewer supplies. A cadre of adept alchemists masquerading as brewers.
Quirks: Thanks to their connection with the Circle of Flame, the Brewer’s Guild is officially sanctioned as a legitimate mercantile endeavor.
Allies: Citizenry of Barrowcleft, Servants, Bluecoats of Barrowcleft
Enemies: The Red Sashes, The Church of the Weeping Lady
Situation: Dr. Foster has just recently secured a deal with the Harvale Brogan: in exchange for funding and one of Brogan’s eeleries the Brewers Guild will sell it’s elixirs to Brogan at a premium. Dr. Foster’s hope is that his experimentations with the eels will produce several new brands of fungus-ciders that the Brewer’s Guild can export to Silkshore, to say nothing of the potential for arms deals involving radiant emissions.

The Night Queen’s Chosen
Tier: III (Hold: Strong)
Faction Clocks
Acquire a Vessel for the Night Queen 0/8
Establish foothold in Coalridge 0/6
Turf: Several vice dens masquerading as Convents in Silkshore. The Convent of the Eclipse Chapel (HQ) in Nightmarket.
NPCs: The Night Queen (Ghost-Messiah, Aloof, Amnesic, Amoral), Father Geysler (Chief Whisperer Ascetic, Practical, Pious,) Superior Nox (Enforcer, Insightful, Sadistic, Righteous)
Notable Assets: A choir of highly trained whisperers. “Donations” made by several influential nobles acting as patrons. A vice den in Nightmarket. Several squads of highly organized and militant sisters.
Quirks: With the exception of Father Geysler, the Night Queen’s Chosen are all women. The Night Queen’s personal scale is II. In combat she counts as a small gang (6 individuals).
Allies: Bluecoats of Nightmarket, Nightmarket Citizenry,
Enemies: The Lost, The Church of the Weeping Lady
Situation: A cell of separatists that originated within the Church of the Weeping Lady. The Night Queen’s Chosen are looking to expand into other destitute areas of the city where they may recruit more of the city’s downtrodden into their ranks. Progress has been slow but constant. Thus far they’ve received stiff opposition expanding into Coalridge from the Lost. Unlike the Bluecoats, the vigilantes have taken the rumors of disappearances and forced “conversions” associated with the faith rather seriously.

Name: The Cogmen
Tier: III (Hold: Strong)
Faction Clocks
Discover a way to “live” again 0/12
Replenish Fuel & Arms 0/6 (Repeating, Alternating)
Turf: A ruined tower in Six Towers and the sewer systems it leads to.
NPCs: Gaunter (Leader, Advanced, Ex-intelligence, Life-Like Appearance), Rusty (Prototype, Ancient, Artisan, Spectral-Phonograph), Wilt (Whisperer-Scout, Haunted, Loyal, Wallcrawler-Body)
Notable Assets: Roughly half-a-dozen soul hulls of varying size, two of which are disabled war hulls that act as perimeter security. A small crew of grateful mechanists, protected closely. Gaunter’s old contacts at Charterhall.
Quirks: With the exception of a human support staff, all of the Cogmen are soul-hulls in one form or another. Gaunter alone remembers his entire life.
Allies: Cabbies, Citizenry of Coalridge & Six Towers, House Anserekh
Enemies: The Dimmer Sisters, Sparkwrights, Spirit Wardens,
Situation: The Cogmen operate as vigilante’s for the downtrodden of Six towers, using their access to the sewer system to hit and support a variety of figures, typically in exchange for sources of fuel or ammunition. Gaunter has been trying to use his old contacts at Charterhall to try and find avenues for a way to bring the Cogmen back life. In his growing frustration he’s turned more and more to old Rusty, all the while looking for fuel sources to keep his team “alive.”