New Playbook: Scion of Glykon

Hi there,

This is a little playbook I cooked up for my BoB campaign that’s just about to wrap up. The Legion was trying to push their way through the Maw and encountered Pale Crawlers. One of the rookies struck a deal with them to adopt their god as his own in exchange for information and, later, communed with the god for strength in battling the undead. He survived the battle and leveled up so to celebrate I made a new playbook that’s meant to emulate a character that’s somewhere between a competent mortal (i.e. a Specialist) and a Chosen.

The Scion of Glykon is not balanced compared to other Specialists, it is definitely stronger. You could use it for a variety of reasons in a campaign but I’m using it here mostly to emphasize the weirdness inherent to the setting and the increasing alienation as you grow closet to the gods.

I’m open to critique, comments, whatever but want to state again that it’s not balanced against other Specialists.

You can view it in Google Drive.


Specialist: Scion of Glykon

When you play a Chosen of Glykon, you earn xp when an action you take causes others to fear, respect, or worship Glykon.

Starting Abilities: Weave 1, Scout 1, Skirmish 1, Sway 1

Specialist Action: As a Chosen of Glykon, you start with one rank in Weave. As with all Specialist actions, these are not rolled. Instead, each rank gives you one Weave use per mission. You can spend a use of your Weave to perform a miracle related to mazes, poisons, or serpents. When you do, make a fortune roll.

On a 3 or lower, you take a level 2 harm and the lesser version of the miracle you intended occurs. On a 4-5, you take a level 1 harm and the miracle you intended occurs. On a 6, the miracle you intended occurs. On a critical, a more powerful or comprehensive version of the miracle you intended occurs.

Scion of Glykon Special Abilities

Scion of the Gods

Your threat increases to 3. Additionally, choose one trait from the Divine Features list on page 162.

Cult of the White Snake

You have five cultists loyal only to you. They are rookies and can be deployed as a squad only if you are assigned to the mission. Whenever the Quartermaster takes the Recruit action, you gain a cultist up to maximum of five.

Divine Resilience

You are immune to mundane disease, all harm you take caused by poisons and other toxins is reduced by 1 level, and whenever you take corruption you take one less.


You can take a level 2 harm “ravenous” to regain a spent use of Weave. You cannot resist this harm.

Shed Skin

You may spend Weave to reduce a harm to yourself by one level and mark a healing box.

You literally shed your skin when you use this ability.

Venomous Bite

When you deal harm to a living creature at least in part by biting it, your attack gains potency.

Chosen of the Gods

You can only take his ability after you have taken all other Scion of Glykon abilities. Your threat increases to 4. Additionally, choose a second trait from the Divine Features list on page 162. As a final benefit, you promote to the Chosen of Glykon playbook.

Scion of Glykon Items and Loadout

Light Load

  • Fine Armor: Provides 1 armor against physical attacks. Patterned in albino snake scales.
  • Fine Compass and Maps: Fine Barta compass (hard to replace). Maps of the region that you’ve personally annotated.
  • Incense and Singing Bowl: Items used to attract the Great Serpent’s attention when offering prayers.
  • Two Fine Daggers: A pair of handcrafted weapons made of hollow bone. What are their names?

Normal Load

  • Contact Poison: Can be applied to a hand weapon, heavy weapon, or arrows to inflict excruciating pain on living creatures. When the weapon is used to deal damage to a living creature, it deals an additional 1 harm damage “searing pain”. Three uses.
  • Fine Bow & Arrows: Panyar heartwood recurve bow. Whisper quiet. Engraved with a serpent.
  • Fine Reliquary: Vials of sacred venom, scales of the Great Serpent, or snake teeth. Spend to reduce corruption taken by 2 and +1d to resist it.

Heavy Load

  • Antivenom: Neutralizes a poison or consequence of poison (harm or ongoing effect). One use.
  • Bloody Sacrament: A sacrificial offering, most likely an animal alive or very recently dead, to ensure the Great Serpent’s attention. When used in conjunction with a Weave fortune roll, +1d. One use.