New Simplified Reference Sheets for Blades

Presenting new one-page reference sheets for Scoundrels and GMs! Learning an rpg takes some reading, playing, and synthesis – hopefully these simplified sheets will help the process at the table.

Grab them here:

And archived on the Blades site here:


Thanks John for the new sheet.
I’m dubious about the clocks part.

While the other part of the GM page seem to guide the GM in a sort of flowchart of how/if to use the mechanics during the fiction, the clocks part just face a single facet of a single kind of Consequence.
About this, I see often in the book that it’s possible to start a clock (and/or tick it at the same time) as Consequence of a roll. This mechanic stays the same, correct?

Thanks in advance for the attention.

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Hi John,

Thanks for sharing these - looking forward to putting them to good use.

Just wanted to take the chance to say Blades in the Dark is a really fantastic game. Running my campaign has been my first time as a GM, and in fact, my first real deep dive into a TTRPG. It’s really opened me up to tabeltop gaming generally, and I’ve loved the chance to channel my creativity into something I then get to enjoy with my pals.

Thanks for writing such an engaging and cool spin on the RPG formula!


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