I’ve recently started a new campaign, with a crew of Assassins based in Silkshore. They took a job from the Hive to make the leader of the Wraiths “disappear”, and if possible, obtain the leviathan hunter maps that he stole.

One of the benefits of running a game that only convenes monthly is that it gives me time in between sessions to come with stuff like this.

I’m looking forward to further opportunities to use this to show the crew the impact of the jobs they’ve done, highlight interesting possibilities for future jobs or claims, and of course to announce future badness.

– Ben


I do a newspaper for our weekly game, but I rush it a bit more :stuck_out_tongue:

Generally I try to put something about last weeks job on there, a randomized rumour, and if a faction clock has ticked over or there’s someting else I can think of.
I also make note cards and letters to the players that I put on this page as well as on the main gameboard, and I have the players rest on the newspaper until the session gets started properly.
Saves me some time having to narrate random happenings :stuck_out_tongue:

The paper next week is going to be a mess after what happened in today’s session :smile:


I sometimes used newspapers the other way around: After a score to hint that they are into something bigger as planned and that it is noticed by the public more than they like.
Here is an example from an assassin score: disappearence using a stage door during a show performance in a club including the fireing of a “show-cannon” which turned out to be the real thing (gotta love those devil’s bargains). Let’s say The Hive was not amused about their demolished establishment.

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Love this stuff - I play online and have a #doskvol-times channel in our discord that runs headlines between games. Highly recommend highlighting the Inkrakers as an organization when you do this, whether friendly or not.

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