No "reduced effect" consequence on a 4/5 desperate roll?

The title.

I noticed (or maybe forgot and noticed again): in vanilla Blades, the Action roll summary (p. 23 of the rulebook) gives “reduced effect” as one of the possible consequences of a Desperate action roll.

The same table in BoB (at least in my version of the pdf edition) omits it: there is only serious complication and severe harm indicated.

Is that intentional? If it is, what’s the justification? GMs, have you followed this, not noticed, chosen to use reduced effect anywa even oa desperate roll?

It is odd it’s missing, but they are just suggestions. The GM can inflict any of the consequences listed on p36 on any roll.

maybe it’s because “reduced effect” feels a bit odd when the Action roll was succesful. You want to give the players what they want because it was a success. Often I’m too uncreative to come up with a reduce effect which gives the result nevertheless.
Here, it’s not forbidden als @watergoesred said, so it may be a bug or a feature. Choose what you like :slight_smile:

My take is that “reduced effect” is kinda soft and you should be going hard on a desperate roll. That’s what resist is for! If you’re doing more than once consequence, then sure, including a less punishing one in there makes sense. Of course do what works for you. :slight_smile: