Notecard Play-aids Available

I’ve gotten permission to post the notecard-sized play aids I created for Band of Blades. They have been proving really helpful to our group, so I’m making them available as a 10-page PDF, with eight cards per page. It can be downloaded from my website. If anyone notices any mistakes on the cards, please let me know so I can correct it! Thanks!



This is a great job. And I love your wuxia name generator too!

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Thanks! And thanks again! (I can’t take full credit for the name gen, the back-end code is mine, but it’s heavily based on Voidstate’s design.)

Caught an error in the current set of cards (v1). If you downloaded these notecards before April 4th, 2020, please download the new version from the page! The Legion’s Time clocks were accidentally set as 12-clocks instead of 10-clocks; this has been corrected in version 1.1.

These are amazing! Thank you. I’ve been looking for something like this. Is there a way to pay you for these?

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You’re welcome!

Since they are based on someone else’s IP, it wouldn’t be right to pay me for them, but I definitely appreciate the sentiment.