Off Topic: Do you know how to embed an itchio iframe/widget into a page without plugins?

Hi there, I tried for some weeks now and am about to give up. Maybe someone for you fine folks here has a solution for my problem because I hope that some of you also has widgets

  • I’m on public (no dedicated server, but the public one)
  • I’m on free plan, so no plugins for me
  • I want to embed an iframe. It let me in the editor but after publishing the iframe code is gone.
  • It’s not a problem with (I think) because other iframes don’t work either
  • I tried the WYSIWYG editor and raw html
  • [iframe] markup does not work (maybe because I miss the plugin, see above)

Please share your wisdom with me. Even “I tried too and it won’t work” is helpful for me because then I will stop to think about it.
Thanks in advance for your time and effort.