One Shots Happening in the Discord Server

Wanted to make a post here regarding the One Shots the mods in the Discord server have put together in light of a lot of public events being cancelled due to the virus. We would love to see more One Shots being hosted in the next week or so!

Here is the post we made:

In light of people working remotely or being sent home to help reduce the potential spread of the virus we will be hosting some One Shots !
Here are the basics:
-Games will be held in the gaming channels on this server (see #game_room_1 as an example)
-Spreadsheet I created is basic, dates are the tabs (we can extend the tabs if enough people are interested) I am hosting a game and that game is used as an example on the other tabs (dates)
-Please GMs post the games! If we only have players posting, somethings may be overlooked. Pay attention to the Date and Time section!
-Game rooms down below will be wiped after this to facilitate more perm usage
-Crew types do not have to be selected beforehand but a concept posted like my own may be helpful for people signing up
-Some of the other mods will be hosting games and some of them will be FitD hacks

Please be courteous to each other and if you have any questions they can be directed at myself or another mod. I will also try and attempt at hosting multiple games at various times to best facilitate the many timezones we have in this server ( other GMs please take this into account ). I will add more table slots to each day as they fill.

Updates to postings will be in the #lfg channel to not clutter the other channels


I would be happy to host a one shot, but I don’t know how to get onto the Blades discord. Any suggestions?

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Here is the Discord server!

Thanks, signing up for Thursday

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The dated tabs have been extended out through the end of the month! Room for more games!

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My game is coming up, how do I tell what room we’re in?

You can simply pick one like #game_room_2 and jump into the voice channel. Ping players accordingly. The only room currently a perm game is #4 and that is a closed group but the other ones are free to be used. #3 was just recently taken up by a group playing here in a day or so to go over crew concepts

The above One Shot sheet has been extended though the 11th of April if you are a GM and willing to host a session please see above message and post! Let’s keep the Darkness going!