Operation Green Jack, high road recon mission

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Playing a mission tonight that leans more towards sneaking, investigation and negotatiation than my earlier Recon missions. Wanted to explore the theme of collaborators in the Crimson Kings army, as we have not touched upon since the first mission of our campaign.

Any thoughts on the mission structure? Also let me know if you want write ups of some of the others missions I have posted on the forum, if they are in english I can post them or give a short resume if I wrote them in Danish.

Operation Green Jack, Recon Mission

A collaborator from Blighters forces has stolen vital intelligence on Skydagger Keep from the leaders War Tent.

Win Condition: Get back the delicate books and scrolls from the Thief.

The thief is one Aldermani Collaborator Karl Brekker. Street urchin from Karlsburg turned high tier Collaborator trying to navigate the hard times of war meeting his wife when the Crimson King was a rumor in Royin. He is not a villain of his own story but determined to forge a path for his family in a time where only bad hands are dealt. One of his children is sick (probably from following Bligthers army and the fumes as it is growing) he has gotten a mission from Viktoria The Macabre Scientist.

Foreshadowing: Showcase Blighter giving Viktoria the mission, have a red herring with her going to some Crows.

Engagement roll: Basically the squad has to go through hard parts of the mountains around the high road in a bad snow storm, racing time as the snow will obscure the thief’s tracks. How much will they freeze off trying to find the thief?

Crit: Crimson Vexing Gale implore the leaders to heed his experience from his spy days and pin points the most likely route to the thief’s location! Go to Obstacle 2.
6: Controlled: The Marshall is able to time the defense of Archangel bridge with sending you off so only the weather is against you.
4-5: Risky: The weather is cold and foreboding and the mountains will be filled with undead. A patrol of knights are heading down the same pass as you. Can you hide in time??? Hide clock 6. Found! Clock 4.
1-3: Desperate: Bad weather hits, the characters are out in a snowstorm. Someone might go into hypothermia and die. Also a Horror and some cold enhanced Rotters come out of nowhere in the storm, maybe you don’t have to wait for the blizzard to kill you?.

Obstacle 1: Finding a Thief in the Mountains
A scene in the mountains facing hard weather where the Thief’s tracks has to be followed.
First clock: 4 Tracks. Follow the tracks. Leads to a small hideout in shelter for an idol to the Horned.
Here the identity of the thief be learned. It is an Aldermani custom to burn a letter from ones loved ones before setting out on a daring venture for good luck.
4 clock: Learning thief’s identity +1 effect in last roleplaying encounter.
Question: Has your character ever gone on a pilgrimage and where did they go?
Suspicion clock: 4 clock. Karl might catch on that he is being followed. He will set up a nasty trap for the Legionaries
10 clock, Time: It is possible for the Legionaries to lose the tracks in the snow and lose the mission. Make every laid back action have an automatic consequence of at least one tick on the time clock.

Next they come to one of the highs road ill maintained bridges, which looks particularly rickety. Going around will cost time but it looks very unsafe.

Obstacle 2: Double cross at the safe house

An interesting thing could be a double cross. Karl expects the “Safe House” to be a forward base staffed by Blighters forces. I think some Knights of the Black Oak rode in and obliterated them and are waiting to “receive” Karl. They don’t need him, they need the books.
So the scene is one of Rotters and Horrors chopped down galore and the occasional knights here and there. There are too many to fight but if they can sneak in and get wiser maybe they can ascertain the thief’s location.

Question: Have your character ever been betrayed? Or betrayed someone that trusted them?
WTF happened? Clock 4 --> Get a handle on what happened might make it easier to convince Karl +1 Effect.
Locate Thief: Clock 8, obvious complications is that a patrol of knights fall upon them and must be fought off.
Knights find Thief 6: Might be a secret clock as the knights are also looking for Karl.
Something Bad on the Horizon? 4 clock. Shatter is nearby and located the Legionnaires.

All time clocks are ticked once when time is a complication, so Documents lost, Knights find thief, and the danger clock

Obstacle 3: Back against the Wall
Karl is at cliff edge and threatens to throw the books of the edge if the Legion does not back off. He is not going back empty handed.

Tip: Could be convinced to bring fake maps back to Blighter (2 stress) if the Legionnaires guarantee that his family will be allowed into Skydagger Keep. Will need a phrase for entry.

How Hard will it be to convince Karl to give up the books?

Run the encounter as a pure roleplaying scene, no clocks. Maybe a mini engagement roll to see how bad it is? Thief identity and What Happened here clocks could give dice?

Crit: Karl gives up the books and pleads for his life.
6: Controlled. Karl sees the Legionaries as cool operators and is willing to negotiate. Easy roleplaying encounter.
4-5: Karl is very close to the edge and is pointing a gun at the Legionaries which might go off in his nervous and cold hand. Challenging roleplaying encounter.
1-3: The Legions bleak reputation for handling collaborators precedes them and Karl would rather be captured by Renders forces. He sends up a flare just as the Legionaries corners him by the cliff edge and the knights respond quickly. An almost impossible roleplaying encounter.

Mission sort of ended like a hostage situation and Karl Brekker was left unconscious for the Knights of the Black Oak to find (after they dug themselves out of the avalance that made the Legionnaries escape possible.

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