Operation: Village Go & Operation: Skydagger Tome

The Legion is outside of Westlake.


Operation: Village Go
Type : Supply
Reward : Laborers and +1 Supply
Penalty : None

Westernesse is a village of artisans north of Westlake. They need to evacuate and get behind the capital city’s walls and are willing to offer some supplies and laborers to have a military escort to the city.

I made a map. Janaki asked intel questions about what the
most powerful enemy present would be, the enemy’s position’s weakness and what kind of stuff could they find on the way to the mission. It took me a while to figure out a good answer for the weakness.

Players helped and we came up with the idea that Zora would be giving them hell and holding them off and they weren’t ready for that kind of power in their face.

I said that there was stuff in the castles that were abandoned by river knights after the Battle of Ettenmark but they could decide what was there through flashbacks. Not making that up was really a weight off.

Big Bad
The Black General was in the house.

There were a few rolls to get the villagers of Westerness moving right along. The rolls for the first 3/4’s of the game were overwhelmingly successful. Jim had his Heavy spend 4 stress to have found barges in one of the river castles and loaded up the villagers and travelled by river. They decimated their clock and it looked like they were going to get the villagers to Westlake with only a small engagement with the enemy’s scouting party.

Then Zora spoke to them through the campfire. She asked if they had Crimson Shot. The sniper did. She asked if they wanted their names to ring out in the annals forever.

They did.

They drew straws and sent one of the NPC soldiers with the villagers. The rest went north to rendez-vous with Zora, who was badly wounded from Black Oak lances and spears but was still moving.

The clocks were about getting the sniper a clear shot and Zora going down from terrible wounds. Despite the NPC soldiers being wiped out from a rough Desperate roll, they got the shot off and killed one of Render’s Lieutenants, General Mihkin. It was an amazing success but also the first deaths they’ve had in-game.

We realized while doling out XP that Crimson Shot has an advance necessary to have access to it. We made a mistake but we took that advance and rolled with it, not wanting to retcon the whole mission.

They also engaged in a conflict to get the Guild Elders of Westerness to vouch for the Legion and give them a tick on their Enter Westlake clock. Smart move.


Operation: Skydagger Tome
Type : Religious
Reward : +2 Morale, +10 Points
Penalty : -1 Morale

Some Rookie has been spending too much time among the Lorekeeper’s scrolls and has found evidence of a tome written by a legionnaire about how to best defend Skydagger Keep. The church is way behind enemy lines but that information might be worth the risk.

I’ll ask some questions about the secondary mission and bring that to life more next game. We’ll be starting with back at camp scenes.


Operation: Archer Boom
Type : Assault
Reward : +4 Morale
Penalty : +1 Pressure

Zenya the Black Archer has been wreaking havoc in Westlake; word is she has trained up some cultists to work as terrorist assassins in the Cinder King’s name, destabilizing the city by killing those who see best to its defenses.

Zenya’s still out there. I’m kind of interested to have her meet the Legion’s now-legendary killer sniper now that they’ve taken down a Threat Level 4 baddie.

Mental note: I need to offer Corruption more often as a Devil’s Bargain. Charlotte has suggested I write down a few solid Devil’s Bargains and I need to have that jotted down with a few other general Devil’s Bargain ideas.

The structure is making it easy to get to this game after weeks or more than a month away, which is nice.


One more thing:

I love the Black Oak Knights but I know that all of the players at this table love animals. I described the knights’ steeds as undead horses so they could be killed without guilt.

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Great Aar!

I’ve got a question about the General and Crimson Shot. First, how did you justify the generals Threat 4 given the general is mortal and the only way legionnaires bump their quality is with fine gear.

Second, did the crimson shot one shot the General or was that the culmination of finishing his clock? My math goes effect 5 for cs, plus maybe 1 effect for setup + 1 for pushing self +2? for aim is 9ish - threat 4 for a total of 5ish, not enough to even fill up half the clock. But at my table I might rule such massive effect ends the threat early. What did you do?

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The General was killed as part of an 8-part clock that the other players took part in, getting the General into position to be shot. The last 3 ticks of the flock were from the sniper taking that shot and finishing him off.

We hadn’t considered why the general was Threat 4. Armor? Render’s unholy blessing? Blood rites?

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Thanks for the answer. One follow up question; were the effects of the other rolls on that clock reduced by the general’s threat too?

That’s an interesting question. It’s one of my problems with clocks in combat.

If you use an 8-segmentt clock for a T4 enemy, it’s the same as what is advised for a T2 enemy… so maybe a bit light, but if all specialists’ actions start at 0 effect, then it’s not so easy.

But if you use a 12 segment clock (or more) for a T4, and reduce the effect of any actions because of Threat gap, then it’s really frightful…

Anyway, on the second question of your initial post, I don’t think you would reduce the damage by 4 (because a Lieutenant is T4). The CS is T4 too, so you don’t need to consider the threat of the sniper shooting it as just T2 : It’s T4 for this roll. And anyway, It’s the differential in Threat that counts, not the absolute level.

They weren’t trying to damage him directly, just got him in position of the shot. That said, I believe they were taking that into account. One of the specialists involved was a brutal Heavy who was bringing it.

Lots of stress and two different characters walked away with a new trauma.

I had totally missed this and just went back and re-read it.

Good stuff. Thanks.

This was a helluva great session. I kinda want a scene between the Heavy, Blue, and one of the Generals, talking about her decision to go with Zora. We know from a previous mission that Blue is willing to walk away from a mission that seems like it’ll go south, so I kinda want to dig into the fact that if she’d decided to just do the job that the Commander and Marshal had given her, everyone in the Ghost Owls would’ve come home alive. But the Black General would still be kicking about.

Just awesome stuff, Judd.