Orite Alchemy, as crafted by an AI

Coming up with more alchemicals is always fun. So I gave the alchemicals listed in the book to an AI text generator and asked it to come up with more. These are the best ones. (Everything here is almost exactly what the AI created, though I’ve cleaned up/clarified the text slightly in a few cases.)

  • Moon-Heart: A powder that temporarily cures almost any disease.
  • Essence of Light: Creates illumination, can be used to blind.
  • Blaze: Snuff out a small fire for a while.
  • Ochre: Neutralizes most poisons, toxins, and potions temporarily.
  • Bane: Gaseous poison, makes a person turn cowardly for a while.
  • Ghost Worms: For a while, people’s shadows look exactly like they do.
  • Tower: Causes an item to become fragile and break apart after a while.
  • Frost: Turns water into extremely cold, if extremely still water.
  • Puffy: A powder that keeps you alert while you sleep.
  • Fireflower: Makes you immune to fire when inhaled, but also increases emotion and desire.
  • Patch: An incredibly tarry, adhesive substance. Don’t get it on your skin.
  • Dragon’s Breath: Soft yellowish powder. When ingested you can bewitch people.
  • Blackgel: Paralyzes the user and attracts flies, but stops bleeding. Dangerous.
  • Icyfire: Creates a small diamond of ice that never melts. Shatters if pierced with a hot needle.
  • Blackwater: Volatile, avoid open flame. Acts as a poison or an antidote.
  • Mirrorgone: Dust that lets you see through walls, but you can’t see living things.
  • Night Star: A powder that makes your body shine like a star.
  • Bright Dew: Oil that burns bright then turns into water.
  • Firebreath: A smoke-able liquid that causes a fiery feeling in the throat and belly.
  • Muscae Volatiles: Emits a vaporous cloud that drives insects and arthropods away.
  • Green Death: A mixture of Deep and Chembalm, it slows death when applied to fatal wounds, but causes suffocation when applied to open mouths.
  • Glyptilia: Brings dead things back to life. Sometimes they turn vile and insane, and cannot be controlled. Very addictive.

Um, so, basically Reanimator, plus it’s addictive(???!).

OK, including that last one, there were also some that were just wild and “what possible use could that be?” Which actually kind of fits how I think Orite alchemy is developed: “Well, let’s see what this does…OH GOD OOPS.” (That is, after all, Blackshot: “Well, it kills dead stuff…sooooo…” “Yeah, great invention, Harry.”) The first here was the most amusing of those kind:

  • Giant: Turns the user into a giant, but makes him very heavy and weak and limited in strength and stamina and intellect and sight and hearing and smell and touch and awareness and many other abilities and skills and limitations. Dangerous for friends, family and strangers.
  • Dragonswort: Heals wounds but leaves terrible scars. Causes painful and potentially deadly inflammation.
  • Redote: Causes anyone who touches it to weep red tears.

Of course, because it’s an AI, there were a lot of really terrible ones. But there were also the amusingly bizarre, or just plain ridiculous and nonsensical. I’ll share a couple that I found incredibly funny:

  • Tutankhamun: An oil that gives you great wisdom for a time, but renders everyone else stupid.
  • Hunting: An oil that causes all the felines in the countryside to be consumed by a mysterious disease, which makes them explode.

The AI also decided this was an alchemical substance:

  • Sheepmeat: A delicious and nutritious ingredient of any meal. Makes dishes become healthier and fare longer.

This is awesome, thank you for sharing! Which AI did you use? GPT-3?

Glyptilia sounds close to Luciferium from Rimworld: https://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Luciferium

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Isn’t there a Duskwallian card game based off the ill-fated effects of “Hunting” alchemical? Exploding Felines? :joy:

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Yep, a version of GPT-3 that I managed to get time-limited access to. It’s pretty sweet. The output is much cleaner and usually less ridiculous than with GPT-2. Though at one point it got really stuck on Rods. Yes, capital.

There were multiple iterations of the Rod of Rod, or the Rod Rod Rod, but it finally quit after telling me about the Rod Rod Rod Rod Rod that cast the Rod Rod Rod Rod Rod Rod Rod Rod spell, which was “useless and does nothing, not even cast a spell.” I laughed pretty hard, which woke up my wife.

To be fair, the “create lists” feature of this implementation is in-development, so they’re still working the bugs out. The natural language generation it does is brilliant, though, and is almost always spot-on.

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I’ve recently used AI portraits, but teaching the robots alchemy is new to me :sweat_smile:

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This is excellent @greyorm - thanks ever so much for posting all these ideas

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