OSRPG: A new actual play LiveStream of Blades in the Dark

Tonight we are starting a new live stream of Blades in the Dark, set in Duskwall. We are all pretty new to the entire game and are excited to bring our game to you. We will be streaming at 7:30 PST/PDT on twitch and will be posting the recordings of our games to Youtube.

We are all eagerly looking forward to this exciting new campaign and invite you to join us.


Well episode one is on the books! Despite tech errors and crashes and going a little overboard with the thank yous and of course no marble game at the end…it was a success!. We will be posting the edited VoD to youtube over the next week.

This last episode we saw the character slowly navigating the dark world of duskwall and gravitating towards each other!

Will be posting updates and more indepth campaign notes here later this week as well!

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Here is the VoD from our first session! The next episode will be this friday at 7:30 PST



Cool! I’ll check it out.

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Episode 2 is now live and up on our youtube channel!
We will be live for episode 3 this Friday at 7:30PM PST on Twitch.