Physical book - first impressions

The physical book finally arrived and I would like to express my satisfaction from it! It is fantastic in almost all aspects - covers are sturdy, the binding is very solid with stitches and glue from what I can see, the paper is heavy and glossy.

The whole experience is like browsing an art book, not game book :slight_smile: I had hopes that this will be the result when I reviewed the PDF and the final product didn’t disappoint. Especially when shipping over the sea with import cost almost as the book itself! No regrets, the POD will probably never reach this quality.

The form-factor is perfect for reading in the bed, on the sofa, chair or while commuting, without the burden caused by the bigger and heavier books that are more or less a standard in the industry. \

The only grief I have (and it is the same with BotD and BoB) is that the dark matt finish is fingerprint and moist magnet. Quite unpleasant, but I guess there is no such thing as full happiness :slight_smile: