Pike & Shot: Elizabethan Swashbuckling, Quasi-FITD/Lasers and Feelings hack

I’ve been working on a small game for a while, and decided it was time to put it out into the world. It’s technically a re-skin/hack of Mr. Harper’s excellent Lasers & Feelings, but brings in a few inspirations from FITD games as well – enough that I feel justified in posting it here.

A bit of knowledge about the time period will definitely help in running the game, though I’ve added a second page mostly devoted to the setting. The idea is still a quick, simple session or two over drinks.

I should add that the document has a small amount of strong language – don’t be surprised!

Let me know if you have thoughts or find it fun (that being the spirit in which I offer it).



Surely, surely, Wales would be the land of Sexy Sheep?

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Ha! I bet, if you get down to it, every single part of the British Isles (maybe excluding the City of London) has that reputation. The nights are cold and damp, and sheep… aren’t?

The sheep are warm and damp!

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Haha, looks like good fun - downloaded, thank you!

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