Pinterest w/ (hundreds of) Legion portraits

Hey folks

Just put together a board on Pinterest with a lot of images for my local Band of Blades game that I’m just starting. It’s mostly a lot of images to use for different Legionnaires, so it’s quick to find images when creating characters, and easy to tell characters apart and be on the same page when the number of named characters with personalities start snowballing.

Anyone is more than welcome to use it as well! It’s divided into the different heritages, but there’s a fair amount of space for interpretation within each of these (e.g. how “demihuman” are Panyar, how steampunk are Orites, how heavy is the Indian influence with Bartans, etc.) Also, some of the features described in the text aren’t as prevalent as I would have liked, like Orite masks and Bartans with colorful facepaint and dyed hair etc. Would love some input if some of you think some of these stray too far from the world laid out in the book.

Also, would be interesting to hear how you folks integrate images into your BoB games, if you do that. Should the Marshal pick when choosing names and heritages, or should the player who first picks a rookie with only a name and heritage and fleshes them out? (I’m more with the latter for our group).

On top of the portraits there’s some generic pictures of undead and inspiration for Broken and Chosen, as well as some generic legion pictures perhaps less useful for character portraits.

Anyway, hope someone will find this useful beyond me!


This is really good. I’m shocked how many good portraits you found for some of these.

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Yay, thanks! Yeah it took some digging, but once you get enough good stuff Pinterest just starts recommending more of it to you, it’s great.

I play on Roll20, so all players having digital access to a whole bunch of images just makes everything easier.

Is there a way to add to a Pinterest? I’m not really familiar with the platform, but I’d love to add my portraits to this.

Not really no, you can’t add to or change other user’s boards as far as I know. You can make your own board, and then go through the process of adding all the pictures on this board to yours - which is relatively quick, but you’d still have to do it for each individual pin you want to add. Otherwise, if you make your own and link to it, or just give links here to where the pictures live online, I’d be happy to add them! It’s generally quicker to add pins from a place where they’re already hosted than it is to add them from your hard drive.

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Actually, turns out I can add other Pinterest users as collaborators, then everyone gets equal editing rights, that might be easier. Unless you want your own version of it, where you could take out images you don’t like as much.