Places, Heritage and the map

The map in the book doesn’t really say much about the Heritage locations - Panya is shown but not the others. As they are the Eastern Kingdoms I guess they are off the right side of the map?

Also where is Dar? p364-365 says that west of Aldermark are Royin, Cities of the Wastes and Andrastus, but the Dar section doesn’t really say where it is - it mentions the Gap but that’s not on the map either!

Which country is Karlsburg in?


Karlsburg and west of the Tigeria river is still Aldermark. The frontier between Aldermark and Royin, Cities of the Wastes and Andrastus (West of Aldermark), is not shown on the map, and the exact location of those kingdoms is not known either. If you need them in your campaign, it’s up to you.

The emplacement of the Gap is shown on the map, however. It’s in the south-west corner of the map page 372, the giant cliffs. The sea at the east flows in the Gap at high tide, but it’s far from enough to fill it (see page 364). Dar is south of that.

The location of Barta is known. It is east of Aldermark, and you can reach it through the pass at Skydagger keep (see page 427). So the northeast corner of the map is Barta. Presumably, Barta borders Panya.

Zemya is in the north, in the mountains. It probably borders Barta, maybe Aldermark? Yours to decide. Or wait for the 2nd and 3rd campaigns!

The exact location of Or is not known. Is it east of Barta, east of Panya (or both), south of Panya? We don’t know.

Also, the exact location of the original land of the Old Empire and of its capital is not known.

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Dar was the capital of the Old Empire.


Allright! This is the “known unknown”!

Great - thanks for this info. I didn’t realise that the Gap is the canyon at the bottom LHS, I just thought they were cliffs…

So if Dar was the Old capital, is this related to the Emperor being killed off by some Chosen (I think Zora was involved?), or did these happen at different times? p354 does say “the seat of the Empire is shattered” which makes me think that they are related - this would be approx 300 years before the current time.

Definitely need a campaign that goes into there to see what’s left!

You will find a few answers and many more questions about all this in the “speculation thread” on this forum!

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