Plainsworth missions from my campaign

Hey guys, just wanted to share the missions I generated for Plainsworth. Hope they can serve as inspiration for others.

Operation Green Gate, Religious
Humble priests of the Aldermani smith god has contacted the Legion. A sacred shrine
in the nearby mountains is lit every spring to show the Smiths light shining over
Plainsworth. Roving packs of undead has made this too dangerous a task for the priests
to try but they fear the anger of the gods if this is not done. The priests are poor
but have ancient texts about the Chosen they are willing to donate to the Legion.
Reward: +1 Intel, +2 Morale
Penalties: None

Operation Wolf Swing, Recon
Wagons filled with Rotters has been spotted moving in to pincer the road to
Plainsworth. The Aldermani officers in charge fear that roads are being mined with
Rotters just as at Ettenmark Fields making the fighting retreat at dawn from the
Western Front a massacre. Scout out the roads at night and find out which has been mined, then rendezvous with Aldermani scouts from the Western Front while remaining undetected.
Rewards: +1 Intel, -1 Time
Penalties: +1 Time

Operation Fresh Anvil, Supply
Not so humble Elders of Plainsworth has demanded that the Legion show they are not
craven mercenary scum. Deserters from the shattered Aldermani armies have turned to

banditry and are posing as “tax collectors”, terrorizing outlying villages. They are going
to hit Helmstedt next. Deal with the bandits as you see fit and the villagers will pay you
in local goods.
Rewards: Horses or Food (Quartermasters Choice), +1 Supply
Penalties: None


Here are my short description of the next missions in Plainsworth.

Operation Crimson Peak
Type: Mercenary Work (Caravan Escort)
Reward: +3 Supply
Penalties: None
Info: A group of merchants together with war refugees is paying handsomely for an armed escort to West Lake.

Operation Emerald Citadel
Type: Powerful Undead
Reward: +2 Morale, +1 Intel
Penalties: +1 Pressure
Info: Reports tell of a nasty stench and green smoke coming from a nearby village. Your Chosen suspects the work of Blighter and her troops.