Planet Kamra: Survivor-like science fantasy

Hello everyone, my name is Raji.

Over the past 8 months or so I’ve been creating my first FitD ttrpg called Planet Kamra (pronounced like camera). It’s about being a body-switched alien in a cosmic, Survivor-like competition. The host of which is a malicious interstellar entity.

In the game, players create human-looking characters that retain abilities from their actual alien forms. They make and unravel alliances, balance personal relationships, take part in dangerous competitions, endure a strange planet, and eliminate other characters through voting.

I’ve had a fun time running PK for a couple of friends and feel like my vision is really coming together. That said, I know I need to get some less bias opinions. It’s the main thing blocking design progress for me. I’m just not sure how to get legit playtesters :man_shrugging:. I’d love to get advice on this.

If you’d like to check out the game and let me know what you think, download the .pdf on itch for free.

Also if you’re interested in the visual development here’s the Pinterest board.

Some features and quirks of PK:

  • Tone questions that help the group establish the world and content of the game.
  • TV trope inspired game phases like the “Next Time Phase” where the group creates scenes to be played out in the future.
  • A special Fortune Roll called the “Suspense Roll” that allows the GM to roll in secret in exchange for XP for the player.
  • Each character has their own “Heat” tracker called “Infamy”. This leads to the character getting marked for elimination.
  • “Comfort” as a replacement for “Coin” and the resource needed to use items.
  • Three types of engagements: Challenges, Operations, and Elimination Rites.
  • Mechanics for swinging votes during the Elimination Rite.
  • NPC roster that helps the GM keep track of alliances and statuses.
  • Equal emphasis on combat and social deception (you can’t murder your way through the game).
  • Tier advancement is focused on eliminating NPC contestants.

Future features:

  • Guidance for creating challenges.
  • PvP mode where the players don’t necessarily have to form an alliance together.
  • Multi-group mode.
  • Abilities that must be kept a secret to remain effective.

Thanks for reading!


This is really cool. From the initial description, I didn’t realize what this game really is – an awesomely deadly game of Survivor.

I wouldn’t hide that connection. Perhaps you could change the name to Surviver Planet or Planet Camera.

Thanks for the feedback and kind words! I’m constantly trying to refine the “elevator pitch” for the game so it’s important to hear that. You’re right though I probably buried the lede a bit.

I’m overly cautious with drawing the connection, because my guess is the overlap between Survivor / Reality TV fans and TTRPG players is pretty small. I also don’t think it’s necessary to have seen the show to understand or play.

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True – I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of TTRPG folks hate Survivor. I know that I do. But, almost everyone knows the premise. Perhaps use Running Man as the connection instead.

I think you can play with the name a bit without making a direct connection. I’ll be honest, the “super powerful alien” didn’t resonate strongly with me. Personally, the idea of a bloodsport as a way to control the population is what draws me in – Running Man, Hunger Games, etc.

However, whichever way you take the premise - it is shaping up to be a cool game.


Thank you! I like the honesty and appreciate it btw. I’ve never seen Running Man, but after a quick search I’m super interested in watching it.

Also, I was thinking of your advice and rewrote the tagline for the game on itch. What do you think about “Play as an alien contestant in a deadly game of survival and social deception.”

To be honest I’m having a hard time with the name, mostly because everyone thinks it’s ka®ma instead of kam®a. Which I don’t blame them, and it’s not necessarily opposite of the concept, but I’m not trying to make something rooted in eastern religion.

When I started writing the game, cosmic horror was the focus. The god-like alien was a big part of the game. Now I’m trying to leave that up to the players. The Tone Questions let them mix the levels of darkness and space reality tv to emphasize what interests them most.

For instance, if you were running the game you could completely leave out Kamra having any power at all. The could just be the host and all of the contestants could be in the competition willingly.

All that said, I know the concept might change over time.

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Naming can be really tricky. I’m struggling with a name for my fantasy hack.

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