Playbook jam submission: the Rakehell

I just added a submission to the playbook jam happening over on ( Rakehell. I figured I’d post it here in case folks are interested.

It’s an attempt to explore vice and stress from a different angle – looking at this specific archetype that shows up in just about every criminal story. It’s the one who can’t stay out of trouble, who always gets out of hand because they won’t slow down and play it safe.

Spend too much coin. Overindulge. Wax poetic at the wrong moment. Lash out in anger. Burn bridges you still need. Rekindle old friendships. Celebrate victory and loss. Be forgivable because you are flawed.

Rakehells are good at talking their way out of the problems they cause, and then making more. Play a Rakehell if you want to cause trouble.