Player information about endgame

We’ve been playing BoB (love the game by the way), right now we are at barrak mines about to finish the first time clock and players will advance. We started playing without me having read the full book (I missed reading the locations). I just read the skydagger keep chapter which includes the endgame objectives, last wave, etc…
The players have been doing really well, there’s nothing at this point that would say that they won’t be able to reach the keep on good shape.
But… and there’s a but or I wouldn’t be here today. I’ve been taking a look at the last wave dice pool and currently they are completely fucked. THey managed to kill one lieutenant, most of the legion is still alive (1 squad is dead), the chosen is still with them. But that’s it. With all the infamous and lieutenants alive, the endgame missions they probably won’t be able to complete (not having enough specialists), not having siege weapons, etc… they will probably have 0 dice.

So, I either start getting them ready for the moment by giving them more oportunities to kill infamous, get siege weapons, etc… or I let them know about how the last wave works so that they can plan and get ready for it.

So, my question is. How much information do you give your players about it? How has this worked for you? Should the players know that they will need to prepare (while travelling) in order to defend the keep?

Another question, this one for the authors. Is there a second campaign somewhere or planned? A campaign about how the war unfold after the legion gets to the keep.

So two things:

  1. The main printed book is actually in error on the Endless Foes, you should only subtract -1d for each Infamous, not each Infamous and Lieutenant. This has been confirmed by @Stras, so you should have an easier time of it.

  2. My personal opinion is that anything that’s in the Band of Blade playsheets is open season for PC’s. The Skydagger Keep scoring system is included along with the Playsheets, ergo, the players should be allowed to know the win conditions.

Regarding the errata, there’s a link to it here as well:

Regarding players knowing. Yeah, as a GM I’d totally share that with them. Let them plan as best they can. Clocks on clocks on clocks on colcks!

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