Please help, my American friends!

This is not an RPG topic, but I don’t have that many other fora where I interact with americans so, this a call for help:

The thing is, my sister and her newhampshirean husband have just moved to Spain, where I live. We are planning on making a proper american thanksgiving. The part of the menu is under control. I like cooking and I have already booked a turkey, cranberries, etc.

But I would like to surprise him with something else. I see that in every thanksgiving chapter of every american series people are watching a football game. Because of the time difference, live TV is not going to work, but I was wondering if there is a way to get past games (like one of the previous week). Looking at the nfl website it is all about buying full passes to watch many games and related content.

So, don’t know, maybe some football fan in the forum can tip me on how to best watch a not-too-old Patriots game on the web.

Thank you!

The Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions are the two NFL teams that always play on Thanksgiving. I would definitely choose a Thanksgiving Day game because the announcers will be referencing Thanksgiving during the broadcast. I would search YouTube or the internet in general for a past game.

Since you won’t get a live game maybe a retro game would be fun? Barry Sanders was one of the all-time great running backs in the NFL:

Anyway you might have to search around for the right game. Maybe you could have a few bookmarked and then let your guests choose?

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