Pocket World 💾 a digital dungeon crawl

Pocket World just hit it’s funding target and I realized I hadn’t yet mentioned it here. It’s a ZineQuest kickstarter for an exploration-focused collaborative dungeon crawl. The ambition is to have a blend of Old School-adjacent themes and mechanics (survival uncertain, random tables, quick starts) and Forged in the Dark stuff (flexible problem-solving, action dice that emphasize success at cost, player input)!

Thematically, think plundering the interior of a compressed file for treasure before being consumed by data loss, you won’t be too far off. The dice system is streamlined for tense exploration and the flow of exploration is driven by a pair of competing clocks: Chaos and Escape (we’ll have some more information up later this weekend on the mechanics of it).

Check out a livestream preview of the game today! It will also be saved for a time in the archives of the twitch channel.

Also look for more gameplay details in our KS updates, the most recent one can be seen here:
Update #3: Gameplay preview: Easy functions and this weekend’s Liveplay Stream! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pocket-world/pocket-world/posts/2776689?ref=android_update_share