Portland + Oregon

(Jason) #1

I’m interested in finding other people in and around the Portland metro, and running, playing, and organizing FitD games and events within the Willamette or Tualatin Valleys.

How about you?


Another Portlander over here. I’d be interested.

(Matthew G) #3

I’m running & playing too many games right now (including Scum & Villainy) to commit to an ongoing FitD thing but I’ve been running Blades off and on since late 2013 & am usually hungry for more, so I’d love to be added to any Stumptown FitD list.

Next ongoing FitD game I run will probably be either Tides of Gold or Band of Blades, but I could maybe squeeze in a Doskvol one or two-shot.

(Jason) #4

I’d really like to run/play a Band of Blades campaign. That’s easily top of my FitD list.


Well, I moved 8 years ago from NJ and was an avid gamer with a gaming group. Since then, I’ve only been gaming when I go back to visit friends/family.

I’d love to get back to gaming here in my new home. I’d be open after Memorial Day as I’m visiting my fiance’s family in Canada, then heading back to NJ for Mother’s Day.


Portlander here as well. Have been jonesing for some TTRPG action for a while but health issues have prevented it. Extra excited to try out some Blades as well. Keep me posted, please!