Possible Elite / Infamous / Lieutenant weaknesses

Hey there, currently running through a campaign right now and I’m just trying to come up with some potential weaknesses or “cravings” that the various Elites, Infamous and Lieutenants might have.

it’s an intel question so my hope is I can come up with something for each of the possible enemies so that when it’s asked I’ll have a solid answer. I’m trying to come up with different weaknesses for each so that each enemy ends up feeling like a more unique challenge.

I’ve gotten a few things from watching some Actual Play, like “separate The Doctor from his minions” or “Some Horrors are built for just close combat or range”. But I’m having trouble coming up with much more?

Do people have any suggestions for weaknesses they’ve used in their campaign? A couple I’m sure will come up next for me is weaknesses for Black Oak Knights, and for Viktoria Karhowl (the lieutenant).
But it would be nice to have some others prepared as well.

Thanks for your help!

Not in Band of Blades, but I’m trying to think about this for my own campaign as well.

Are some vulnerable to distraction of certain types? (Can’t help but to prey on someone weak, paranoid about every odd sound, too proud?)

Heavily armored, but frail once you break through it? Slow but relentless?

Do they have a relationship or dependency on someone/something else to exploit? (Not necessarily positive; maybe Viktoria needs to keep a good relationship with Blighter?) Can their creations be broken or turned against them? (Maybe Viktoria has a key element of her designs that can be cut off or readied for?) Viktoria’s not dead, so she should have some natural weaknesses there (shored up though I’m sure).

Maintaining a good relationship with Blighter is a good idea. Though it feels like that would be difficult for the players to exploit. I suppose not all “weaknesses” need to be easy to exploit for the players, but it is nice when an opportunity comes up and they think “oh yeah we could try that” in regards to a weakness. Giving them extra position or effect for exploiting it feels good and makes their decisions more meaningful

The Black Oak Knights regularly wound themselves in ritualistic fashion as a sort of offering or tribute to Render’s new, scarred nature. I would imagine that you can take advantage of these wounds in battle. One knight recently gouged his eye out for Render? Gouge the other one out, too.