Possible Faction/ Starting Situation: Hawker Cult

Hey there everyone! I had an idea for a faction recently and was wondering if I could get some feedback on it.

The Lunar Presence
An eccentric but suspiciously rapid-growing group of hawkers, secretly growing a cult of devotees to their forgotten god: The Fallen Star.
Tier IV
Faction Clocks: Assimilate lesser drug dens (repeatable) (8) Assimilate lesser factions (repeatable) (12) Assault on The Hive (12)
Turf: A massive mansion in Six Towers (HQ), drug dens in some parts of Silkshore and the Night Market.
NPCs: Silas Satrs (leader, manipulative, idealist, business sense, mysterious). Warrin (second/ head Whisper, insane, unshakable, silent). Percy (devoted alchemist/head leech, whimsical, scatter-brained, unsightly positivity).
Notable Assets: Many spirits coerced to service. dedicated cohorts of Rooks and Adepts. specialized spirit masks (simulate night vision via connection to the ghost field). Custom-made drug: Astral tears (a mixture of Dream Essence and Trance Powder). a group of consecrated hollows.
Quirks: The leader may share a body with a spirit. They have a resident ghost butler of the mansion who was given a husk to operate for their means; his name is Reginauld.
Allies: The Reconciled, The Dimmer Sisters, The Horde, The Fog Hounds.
Enemies: The Hive, Spirit Wardens, The Gondoliers, The Church of Ecstasy, most drug vice dens.
Situation: After being blessed and consecrated by their god, the cult was given one task: to gather the people (living or dead) under the mighty but hidden majesty of The Fallen Star. In this, they achieve their goal by dabbling in a common vice of man and of ghost: drugs and vengeance. Through it, they collect their acolytes as they hope to gain more and more ground in order to dominate all of Duskvol, and perhaps even more, using their mind-opening drug that controls the user as a means to communicate with their Great One. All that would be left is their greatest rival: The Hive. What sweet poetic justice would it be for them to fall by the very thing they reject.

So yeah, there it is. I also have a few situations for the characters to meet the faction:

  1. One of the characters whose vice is drugs might stumble upon or unknowingly partake of some Astral tears, or a group using it and seeing the effects of it as they walk to The Lunar Presence HQ in a daze.
  2. The group might be accosted a ghost with their insignia on its forehead, or one of the acolytes with their special spirit mask starts inviting people at a social event.
  3. The faction might just be actively looking for mercenaries to “hire” other businesses for selling, or getting rid of some troublemakers, but bringing them back alive for “better usage”.
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